waltz blouse (white)
waltz blouse (white)
waltz blouse (white)
waltz blouse (white)
waltz blouse (white)
waltz blouse (white)
waltz blouse (white)
waltz blouse (white)
waltz blouse (white)
waltz blouse (white)

waltz blouse (white)

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color: white

肩幅 30cm
袖丈 73cm
身幅 47cm/55cm(2way)
着丈 64cm

material: cotton100%

着用モデル 164cm 

しなやかな風合いが特徴の超長綿のシャツドレスブラウス。レオタードのような背中の切り替えとテープ、着用することでドレープが出る曲線の袖が特徴。ボタンが2列ついているので気分に合わせてシルエットを選んで着用することが出来ます。べー シックな素材感なのでドレッシーなデザインをカジュアルにも楽しめます。

“Unbirthday Party Dress”

デザイナー・石田 萌(Ishida Moe)

“Unbirthday Party Dress”
364days a year I sprout.
Dresses that release my true self.

Moe Ishida
Designer of HOUGA
In 2011, she graduated from Keio University in Tokyo, Japan with diploma of literature, major of Art History.
While attending the university, she studied fashion design at ESMOD JAPON in Tokyo, and finished it in 2012.
She won 11th YKK FASTENING AWARDS in 2011 and got an honorable mention at 86th SOEN AWARDS which is the most prestigious competition for younger fashion designer in Japan in 2012.
She launched her own fashion brand “HOUGA” with 2019S/S collection.
HOUGA is a brand based in Tokyo, Japan focusing on making an “Unbirthday party dress”.
Wearing party dress for her is a good memory of her childhood. In her memory, she was encouraged and she liked to talk with her friends as she wore her favorite dress.
The name of brand, HOUGA, stands for her Japanese name “Moe” meaning of sprouting and arising.
She has been making well silhouette dress. She is also developing deformable 2 ways party dress for women as well as like for daughter and son.

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