Everything that exists in this world is made of atoms


It's October and it's October.
How are you all, everyone? The summer is far away from the place where you can no longer see it, and fashion has become a full -fledged temperature in the fall and winter outfit.
I'm lonely that 2021 is in two months, but I'm happy because I personally like fall and winter fashion.

By the way, this time
I would like to introduce a cute skirt for SATORU SASAKI.

Hi cute ~~~~~

A tight, high -eust and feminine beautiful line. A silhouette that gets a lot of volume at a stretch and tightens a little on the hem. Looking at the clothes, I came up with a word that it was beautiful after a long absence.


This is the ratio of the golden ratio. Needless to say, it is the ratio that humans feel most beautiful since ancient times. To give a familiar golden ratio, business cards, credit cards, and Apple logo are famous. When I looked it up, the cigarette box was like a golden ratio.
(If you think so, maybe cigarettes are being sucked instead of smoking.)

What do you want to say?
Maybe this skirt is also a golden ratio.

No matter where you look, the golden ratio.

Wool 61%
Acrylic 15%
Mohair 14%

Despite the fact that it is quite thick, heavy and heavy, yes, it has a good weight, it moves firmly and firmly according to the movement. I was waiting for such a skirt! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 26 years.

Needless to say, it is a good clothes that can be worn all season, but I think that you can enjoy the clothes unique to the season. Do I have to put seasonal words in haiku? That's it.





Just today with CEDARWOOD's older brothers
"Because the number of things that exist every day is increasing," he said in the flow of conversations. That's right, and everyone nodded.

Just yesterday, I was present at the moment when there was nothing that had existed until the day before.

A Osaka guitar rock band called Bed Time Sheep.
A band that has a lot of wonderful music based on the concept of "cut out a sleepy night that everyone has experienced, and sometimes snuggles up to sleep, sometimes so that we can welcome the morning together." Until October 15, it was there firmly there, but we couldn't welcome this morning together.


I was very lonely because it was a good band, but last night's last one -man live, looking at the appearance of being very lively and standing on the stage, may not be there, may be a big step without replacement. I have to. I thought so. it was beautiful.

It may be surprisingly easy and common to decide to exist, but to determine that it will not exist, or to make a decision to make a decision, only spend every day every day. I don't think you can stand up. That's why Bed Time Sheep exists a day and has locked well. Until the last sound, it was very cool there. it was beautiful.

"So that you can nod at today, where you lived here."

I also want to exist like Bed Time Sheep.


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