About the selling price
The selling price will be displayed as the displayed amount (display price/consumption tax).
·postage(Nationwide 600 yen) * 1,000 yen for Okinawa Prefecture
◆ Product agency is free shipping for 11,000 yen or more including tax. (Excluding Okinawa)
・ Transfer fee (for bank transfer)
・ Cash on delivery fee (in case of cash on delivery)

Payment time and method of price (compensation)
·payment method
Bank transfer,COD (cash),Credit card payment,Google Pay,Apple Pay
, SHOP Pay, Pay Pay, Pay Pal

Payment will be confirmed at the time of product order.
・ Bank transfer
Please pay within about 3 days from the time of product order.
It will be canceled after the payment deadline.

Special contracts for returned goods

We will accept it based on the following return terms.

[Return and exchange of our responsibility]
For items that are determined to be damaged during product differences, scratches, damage during delivery, or inadequate our shop, we will return or exchange shipping costs on the store burden.
Please contact us within 2 days after the product arrives (including the product receipt date) and return within 5 days (including the product receipt date).
If the deadline is passed, we will not accept returns.
If there is stock of the same product, we will refund if there is no stock.

[Return and exchange for customer convenience]
This refers to the above -mentioned cases other than our responsibility. (Size differences and images are also included here.)
In this case, you will be responsible for shipping (fixed price) at the time of shipment and shipping fee (shipping source payment).
In the case of a bank transfer, you will also be responsible for the transfer fee for refund.
In the case of cash on delivery, you will be responsible for cash on delivery fee and refund transfer fee.
Please contact us within 2 days after arrival (including the product receipt date) and return within 3 days (including the product receipt date).
If the deadline is passed, we will not accept returns.
* Returns, exchanges, and cancellations of products that have been over a week from shipping to the product to receiving the product.
* SALE products and coupon discount products cannot be returned or exchanged.
* Piercings cannot be returned or exchanged due to hygiene issues.
* We will not be able to return, exchange, or cancel reserved items (order), reserved items.
* Returns, exchanges, or cancellation of ordering by wrapping will not be possible.
* Product packages, boxes, etc. may be damaged from the time of delivery, so we cannot respond to returns and exchanges due to damage.
* Returns after use (including when tags such as price tags are cut),exchangeIs not possible.
* In our shop, we will refrain from returning the long -term absence or declining receipt.
Regarding long -term absence and intentional refusal after the product shipment, we will charge the round -trip shipping fee and cash on delivery fee, and the transfer fee will be charged at that time.

Service or delivery time
We will ship within 3 days after receiving the delivery request.

Business name and contact information
Company name: Luke Varagan Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Kouki Sawaura
Address: 1-3-24 Nakazaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 5300016
TEL: 06-6743-4403
Business hours: 13:00 to 19:00
Irregular holiday