I will see you for the first time.


My name is CEDARWOOD new staff. There are various relationships, and I have been working since this fall.

"Late? Hey, don't laugh."

"There is such a stupid name"

It is a nickname since high school.

If you are a little concerned about the origin of such a stupid nickname, I would be grateful if you could come to the store directly.



I was told by Kiri, "Low, write something blog." (^ ω ^) ( ^ ∀)With a smile.

I can't refuse to say with such a wonderful smile. Here's the first blog, what to spell out to let everyone know me a little.



……… I went to Disney Land and Disney Sea.

I'm sorry, not a brand introduction or coordination proposal. I just went to Disney Land and Disney Sea.


It was a dreamland.


Glittering illuminations and fun attractions are of course, but I wear a matching hoodie with a couple with skirts and pants, a four -member girl group coordinated red and green, and probably Christmas colors. I wonder if a group of five boys has a new setup that stretched a little tall for today. What?


Please let me talk about this time.


I bought a Ujoh coat because I went to Disney Land. Moreover, it was newly renewed at 5:30 in the morning of the departure day.

There were days before that day I could pass my sleeves.

Bother to bother.

On that day, even those who passed by Disney Land

If you imagine that there were various dramas and stories before you arrived at Disney Land that day, clothes are indispensable to spend every day, but he is excited about fashion. Why do not you?


Imagine your wearing day, grin

Suddenly, he came up with a wonderful coordination, and if he went to the city, he felt that he was thinking that he was the best in the world now.

Would you like to be thrilled because it looks like special?


It has become a world that can be completed on SNS. I want you to find your own drama and story for your daily fashion, rather than ending your fashion with just one photo. I went to Disney Land and felt again.



Cedarwood was such a shop (place) for me. Special to enjoy fashion.


I am still immature as a Cedarwood staff, but he will work hard so that he can visit the store and come to the site.




"It's a talent to like fashion."

I was thrilled by Mr. Kiri.

We are special and genius! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



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