About cedarwood

Nice to meet you. This is Sawura of Cedarwood (Cedarwood).

I think some people know
For those who are not
Lightly introduce yourself.

I am the owner of this shop.

I used to work for another select shop for 4 years
Apparel has been around 10 years.

In this blog
I would like to write mainly what I found interesting and other than clothes.

The first time to commemorate is common
About the establishment of this shop.

If you search by cedarwood
It comes out with "cedar wood".

Why the timber was the name of the store?

Actually, I can't remember why the name was decided. Smile

You may think that it's such an important thing
At that time, the interior, the attached order, the purchase of the product, etc.
Anyway, there was too much to do and I couldn't decide.

There were about 30 candidates, and I wonder if cedarwood was still good.

There is a messy name inside, so it was good with cedarwood. Smile

The last decisive hand was calm because the sound was good. Smile

You may have thought that it is different from the previous story.

This is the fact.

I'm sorry to say that it is cool that some people fall in the morning when they wake up in the morning. Smile

It may be retrofitted
Speaking of which, I was surrounded by cedar forests in the city (village) where I grew up.
Cedarwood was one of the most favorite scents in essential oils.

An excuse to convince yourself is also a poropolo. Smile

Well, this is the first blog and this is not tight. Smile

So, finally.

When you come to Cedarwood, I want you to associate a deep forest.

Standing high, it is widely known, and its scent is rich and memorable.

The wish is included.

I wrote my career, but my feelings are new.
Please see our growth in the future.
STAFF: Sawaura