seeing is believing.


good evening

The last name is Aya.
Everyone who imagined a cute girl for a moment.
Sumimasen as a man.

This time, I will introduce some eyewears for Cedarwood's glasses (?).

Currently, CEDARWOOD handles YUICHI TOYAMA glasses and sunglasses.


Stylish design and structural beauty.
Although it is simple, it is an eyewear that brings out the personality without being affected by the trend with a unique presence.


From the eyewear that embodies the concept of the above, you can feel craftsmanship in some places, and you will be enchanted.

At first glance, there are many classic design parts, but only those that are hidden in the details.

A one -stroke line called the double Dutch series is designed so that it intersects in the bridge part.
Define series that incorporates metal parts between cell frames and lenses.
You can feel a high -dimensional craftsmanship.

"Mode" tastes are comprehensive in the classic design due to the fusion of unique design and craftsmanship.God dwells in detail。 Is a brand that is perfect.

seeing is believing。」

Please look.

U-102 Type: Elmo 04 / ¥41,800-

It looks like a simple round glasses, but if you focus on it, the inside of the frame is designed jagged like a cookie.
U-102 Type: Elmo 04

U-099 Type: Josef 01 / ¥39,600-

In the double Dutch series described above, lines like one -stroke are intersected in the bridge part.
While adopting a classic slender hexagon motif, the contrast between gold and black is dignified.
U-099 Type: Josef 01

U-128 TYPE: IND 04 / ¥42,900-

One with a strong eye catch with a thick black frame.
The feature is that it is a well -rounded Wellington type and has a good face.

A define collection with metal rims between the acetate frame and the lens.
The contrast between the transparent texture and the metal is very shining.
U-128 TYPE: IND 04

U-073 Type: OSKAR 03 / ¥41,800-

A gentle tier drop motif and two metal rims.
With a classic appearance that appears in an old movie, the lens is designed slightly smaller, so you can create an elegant look.
U-073 Type: OSKAR 03

Today we stop with these four.
There are many other handling other than the introduction this time.

Hyakumi is not like an experiment。」

Rather than listening, you should try it.

Be sure to try it on at the store and find your favorite one together.
Of course, health first.