3/12 ~ 14 Sugarhill 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection "Submarine" in Cedarwood

good evening

At the end of last month, I went to see the stage after a long time.

Transform between Saint -Tegujuperi's masterpiece "The Prince of the Stars" and "Night Flying"
It is a work called "Hoshi no Teker".

Originally, the author stated that there was a correlation of both tip.

Both stories have common items.
There was a part that overlapped the figures between the protagonists.

This seemed to express the two sides of the author.

Because both works are airplane riding
Also, the author was on an airplane.

It was a complicated content that moved between a different world.
Neither night flight nor the world view of the star prince will be established without breaking
The skillful composition was wonderful.

The author says that the two works that have not been realized are wonderfully fused into one.
It was such a dreamy project.

I still can't see, I'm shaken by my motivation.
It should be such a night ...
It was.


The tension rises too much before watching.
The beer I drank around. 15 minutes in a dream.

Well, it was just a dream -minded view. Smile

I had read one of the original, so I knew the author's information.
I managed to endure it. Smile

After all the stage is good!
People create on the spot. A special atmosphere including the venue.
The performer's tension is transmitted here, and our air you are watching is also transmitted to the performers.
(The one who sleeps is the worst)

Not limited to the stage.
Of course I like clothes, so if I'm too close, it may not be visible.
In this way, the stage, museums, LIVE, etc.
By touching "things" and "time" made by someone other than clothes.

To touch the values ​​of others.
Give yourself a time and grace you think about it.

How important is it?
There is a part that overlaps the content of the story.
I felt like I was busy and lost.

Image of Sugarhill 21aw

Sugarhill 2021 Autumn/Winter Collection



3/12 (Fri.) ~ 3/14 (Sun.)


* If you wish, we will also support you outside business hours.

This season, Sugarhill Order Meeting (Reservation Meeting) has been decided to be held at the store.
Designer Rikuya Hayashi will also come to the store.

In Osaka, an emergency declaration is over.
Although the city is returning to the city, we do not neglect measures against infectious diseases.
We will hold it with great care.

For those who are difficult to visit, serve customers online. We also accept reservations
Please feel free to contact us.

I'm looking forward to seeing Sugarhill clothes every season.
Every season Sugarhill clothes increase.

My closet is.
Filled in Sugarhill about half
The denim that can not fit is piled up on the ground. Smile

It looks like a used clothes shop.

I thought that kind of thing even though it was my house.

Pull out the clothes of the old season without getting tired.
I enjoyed it with the latest collection.

Sugarhill's clothes are like a vintage loved over the times.

That's because Sugarhill's clothes are paid for old ones.
The accumulated history. It may have made me feel like that.

The "Star Flyer" mentioned at the beginning
It is based on past masterpieces, "Prince of the Stars" and "Night Flying", which was approved nearly 100 years ago.


But both works are different.

Maybe you like it more than the original.
Vintage = Original clothes
When I talked about it, there are more people who think that there are many people who have such an interpretation.
I think it includes a little word.
The progress of science promotes the manufacturing method of making clothes.
Collect the latest technology at that time
Called a masterpiece and was born high
The item was born after that
Know the masterpiece that shakes history.
Such top designers have history
We still continue to exceed items and creations.
However, of course, it is still impossible without the past.
What is fashion? What is clothes?
Everyone in the past has a history. He connected to us living now.
It may be the closest to our body, the closest to our daily lives.

In that work. Who determines the value of the created thing?

Not someone else
I want you to be me.

Although it was the last brush, we have held an order meeting every season.
I would like to thank the designer Hayashi again.

Please ask the designer directly to the appeal of Sugarhill's clothes on such a special opportunity.
Surely, wearing Sugarhill will be more fun.

Then we are waiting for you on the weekend CEDARWOOD.