4/9-4/12 Sagan Vienna PREORDER

4/9-4/12 SAGAN Vienna PREORDER
After a long time, I went to the museum.
It is a famous museum in Osaka, and it seems to be a success in such a situation.
Because it is the end of March, college students and couples during spring break. Family.
Inside is a salaryman -style man in a suit that looks at the hall.

Is it a new member of society? Is it a transfer?

The beginning of the season.
Go to a new place and meet new people.
I think it's a little annoying
A season when you can enjoy a different everyday.
I also seek a new sense,
Modern artist Mikel Barcelo's first in Japan? I went to a large -scale exhibition.

An ancient old days.
This is a perfect work that is a mysterious work that is not doubtful that it must have been created by God.

I can't get rid of them.
A living artist. Daisaku small work group.

The impression of the work may be a little childish, but
Anyway, I felt a tremendous power.
It is just natural, such as the heartbeat of the earth, the noise of the forest, and the water that gives a splash.
Something super human energy.

Where I found Mikel Barcelo's production method was particularly wonderful
Create paintings, not flat, but not three -dimensional.
However, a place that does not exceed the category of paintings and totem.

From a distance, it looks like a "perfect" painting.
(Some are obviously not.)
However, it looks like a clay when approaching. In some cases, cardboard and cigarette butts are just pasted.

That's a foul with art supplies.
That's it for those who said.
Or rather, this person is not trapped in pictures or sculptures.

In such a place, I exceeded the hands of people. Or rather, I was away.
It's like seeing a "thing" that you can't see in the area
I felt.

While writing this sentence.
In the reminiscence.
The dry paper crashed into my head.
The dry earth is the background.

I've never seen it or went,
I guess it was an African land.
Maybe Mikel was there.

No way.
That's fine.

Such a fresh feeling in my heart.
Today we will introduce a new brand.
Product image of Sagan Vienna (Sagan Vienna)

Sagan Vienna (Sagan Vienna) PREORDER


4/9 (Fri.) ~ 3/14 (Mon.)


Product image of Sagan Vienna (Sagan Vienna)

We will hold an order meeting for a new & classic collection of Sagan Vienna.

Sagan is a bag brand from Vienna, Austria.
The brand concept

"Familiar Done Differently"
In a different way of showing well -known things.

Leather and metal fittings are made of carefully selected materials made in Italy, and produced by skilled craftsmen in Serbia and Spain, mainly Austria.
Vienna is a traditional material of Vienna.
A bag using iconic rattan is not only an eye -catching
A craftsman's skill that combines designer ideas and high craftsmanship.

It is a product that has a sophisticated beauty and functionality like contemporary art.

Product image of Sagan Vienna (Sagan Vienna)
Product image of Sagan Vienna (Sagan Vienna)
Product image of Sagan Vienna (Sagan Vienna)

Bags are very important in fashion.
Starting with empty -handed (fashion not to have a bag)
Until you have a big Boston level.

What style do you match?
What kind of size do you have?
Who will you meet?

What do you have and where to go?

Just thinking is exciting.
The beginning of a wonderful day. The beginning of a new life.

How about starting with a new bag?

* If you wish, we will also support you outside business hours.
Some products do not have some samples.
Please check with the store staff for details.

In the case of a reservation, you will pay the entire product fee on the day, or you will receive 10%of the product fee with the deposit (cash).
In the case of reservations, cancellations, exchanges, etc. are not accepted in principle.
There is no need to make reservations in advance.

For those who are difficult to visit, serve customers online. We also accept reservations
Please feel free to contact us.