Channey and Ruby at the seaside with white denim


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I'm sorry that the update has been a super super super super super super super super super super.

Just let me say one thing, I was super "super".✌️ (Iui)



Sugarhill and Cedarwood EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION


Leather Double Knee Denim (Sold Out)

Long Sleeve Silk Linen Knit (Black & Pink) (Sold Out)

Long Sleeve Silk Linen Knit (White & Pink)

Chemical Wash Black Double Knee Denim

From among them

While putting together in white, it has a light layered color, with spinach, banana, and non -sugar jewelry and non -sugar baggels in one hand, and walking a thin dog. , Coordinated with smooth.

Long Sleeve Silk Linen Knit is a moderate transparency

UJOH's "Summer is right!" (The tank top will be introduced again when Shonan no Kaze in you starts to become Shonan no Kaze, so please wait a little longer. This is a so -called Coming Soon).

Sugarhill /Washed Double Knee Pants

When it gets warm, you want white denim.

When I hear "Oh, I want white denim", I feel "Oh, spring ~". White denim is a spring season. (Wrong)

Unlike autumn and winter, many people feel uneasy about coordination that will be simplified because they cannot be layered a lot. Like me. Sugarhill's white denim is really recommended for those who are "unsatisfactory" or "I want to add something". It's so cool that there is no other leading white denim. Against of a thousand years. Hashimoto Kanna.

Oh, I want it too!

I put it with boots, but whatever you can do on beach sandals! Buy ice and alcohol at a convenience store and date in the evening! Wow! I want to! ! ! The delusion swells with white denim.

While such white denim delusions are steadily expanding, the world's selfish boy (coronovirus) is rampaging again. What will happen to our 2021 summer? But just because you want to get 2020 summer, don't be unreasonable. When the Corona World Tour ends safely, prepare for a 2021 summer preparation to prepare for a very steep denim so that you can drink channes and Ruby at the seaside.


Thank you for reading the blog that just spelled out what I wanted to say this time. Finally, I would like to introduce the first song that came up with the keyword "White Denim x Channel and Ruby on the Seaside".


Days / kalma

There is no white denim, channey or rule.

But someday, when we come to us who can drink white denim and drink channes and Ruby at the seaside, we think that it will be a song that will remind you to do our best. There is no white denim, channey, or Ruby. Surely we are still okay.

"I'm scared of something scary."




I like gals more than channes.


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