“Blue Velvet” at Cedarwood

Jun Matsushimaの個展
good evening
This information is today.

“Blue Velvet”
5/1-5/30 (I'm already decorated in the store.)
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2003-2006 Russian St. Petersburg National Academy Oil Painting Major
Every year since 2012 (~ 2019) Ginza, a solo exhibition at the Man Gallery
2017 Art Fair Tokyo 2017, Tokyo Solo Exhibition
2018 ART FAIR TOKYO 2018, Tokyo solo exhibition
2018 Shinjuku Isetan Art Gallery, Tokyo Solo Exhibition
2019 Paris Art Shopping2019, Paris solo exhibition
2019 ART TAIPEI 2019, Taipei solo exhibition
2019 Yokohama Takashimaya, Yokohama solo exhibition
2020 ART TAIPEI 2020, Taipei solo exhibition
2020 Shinjuku Isetan Art Gallery, Tokyo Solo Exhibition
Born in Tokyo in 1981
Grow in Court Jiboire, Japan and Australia.
He learned traditional oil paintings at St. Petersburg Academy
He has recently pursued his unique way of drawing while choosing musicians, contemporary dancers, animals, etc. as themes.

I met Matsushima in the winter a year ago.
Mysterious and quiet.
I was sung by a dancer picture drawn by Matsushima. (Other pictures are usually drawn.)
At that time, ask me a picture and talk a little.
The world of painting.
Mr. Matsushima who lives as a painter.
It's very interesting for me.

Endless creative activities are fun, but they also have suffering.

Because there is no end.
If you think you've drawn it, let me draw as much as you want.
You can not draw.
I don't know which is the correct answer.

Just what seems beautiful.
Just pursue and draw.

Just communicate with Matsushima there.
that's all.

So, I should have been satisfied.

I can't forget it.

In my memory.
The dancer dances on his head.

When I noticed, I was going to see Mr. Matsushima again. Smile

Matsushima's work seems to be displayed in a highly formal museum.
That's what is on display there
You can feel the power that is comparable to famous artists.

I was 25 years old when I was interested in art in earnest.

It was because I met a folding screen.

Until then, I often went to museums.
The encounter with the work is fateful.
What was the art I saw?

There was a moment when all the criteria were tied.

I went to see the same exhibition three times. Smile

It's a revolutionary event in my life.

Listen, eat, sniff, touch, look, ... watch more.

A new feeling. With the birth of the sixth feeling.

I didn't see it as I saw it so far. I noticed.
And when you watch it properly, you can know that the act of "watching" changes to a pleasant feeling. (Sometimes you feel sick)

I want many people to feel it.
If you can be present at that moment of someone.
Also, if you can create a space that people who have such a feeling can enjoy it.

Matsushima's work, which I saw for the second time, has a slightly different impression.
The mysterious and tranquil is the same.
However, the roughness and strength are added.

Feel more beauty and strength than last time.

We have offered this exhibition.


It is also the theme of the solo exhibition
"Blue Velvet" (1986) is from David Lynch's movie
I was inspired.
Matsushima -san is a genius and has a high voice of the director.
It's a bit surprising that I chose it as a theme.

Mr. Matsushima, who does not usually have a specific theme.
CEDARWOOD's solo exhibition must be a special concept.
My work that is exhibited in places that are not usually displayed.
A space that is unified with blue pictures that you can't usually imagine.
I wonder if this was the theme of this strange movie.
I guessed it.
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When it comes to talking about the movie, I was really pulled
Because it will be a masterpiece blog.

Detailed stories at the store. Paste only the movie trailer.
If you are interested, please come.


It's a Strange World Isn't it?

Now, the world is like a lie like this movie.

I think you may be disgusted.

be relaxed.
Take a break.

To CEDARWOOD for consecutive holidays.
Please enjoy the world of fashion and art.
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