There is no "impossible".


Thank you, Aya.

The last name is Aya.
Everyone who imagined a cute girl for a moment.
Sumimasen as a man.

The GW has been settled down, but how are you all going?

As usual, under an emergency declaration.
The emergency situation has become normal, and Gestalt of the "emergency" has collapsed.

It's still closed! Hyacher! I think that some people have started work, but I would like to spend anyway in health first.

Stress that tends to accumulate under the corona! Let's go shopping and blow it away with an aquet.

Today we will introduce YUICHI TOYAMA eyewear, which is handled by our shop.

"The accessories will just be postponed."
I remember that I was talking to the customer, add an old story mixed with bitterness and sweetness.
In terms of Meiji chocolate effect, it is about 72%cacao.

Will it be about 10 years ago? A story about when I started a clothing store.

Every day, the boss at the workplace at the time, "You're crazy today."

"The glasses I wear every day are ugly, so it's crazy."
*Lovely guidance.

When you're about 20 years old, your clothes! clothes! clothes! I want it to want.
All glasses and other accessories are postponed.

At that time, I wasn't wearing something that I was satisfied with, so if I got there, the stars were stars.

"I buy too much clothes and don't have the money to buy glasses."
"That's the case."

After a while, if you definitely buy your favorite glasses
A memory that said, "It's getting like it."

For some reason, I felt strangely good.

(*Every time you make an excuse, please come to the store if you want to hear the story that was crushed your chin saying, "I made an excuse again!")

The introduction has become longer like Cats Kill Aqua Dact,
I have a nice experience to buy eyewear, so I want everyone to feel it! ! !
That's why I will introduce some.

U-129SG Type: DFW 04
A thick frame and a strong eye catch.
The feature is that it is a well -rounded Wellington type and has a good face.

A define collection with metal rims between the acetate frame and the lens.
A frame with a deep green -based color gives an adult sex appeal.

U-130SG Type: F.WALTER 02
A small frame, but a design with a metal frame sandwiched between cell frames.
This pattern, which is similar to a tortoiseshell, looks like a plant bamboo, so it is called a "sasa pattern".
Since it is an industry term in the eyewear world, please do it with a grinning face. "It's a sasa pattern."

It is also recommended for the first sunglasses because it does not become too lean with a thin color lens.

U-123 Type: Sandi 05
Wellington -type lens shape.
The design is improved while increasing the strength by sandwiching a thin stainless steel seat inside the rim.
The stainless steel part that looks transparent when it is exposed to light gets an eye.

It is a brand -like one that has a play while having an adult face that is easy to use, regardless of whether it is on or off.

U-067W Type: W.HANNES 13
A double Dutch collection inspired by the movement of the double Dutch rope.
It is a manufacturing method that fixes the lens so that it is enclosed with two lines without using village parts.
The more you look at the details, the more you can feel the craftsmanship.

At first glance, the black -blue -based tortoiseshell pattern does not stop. It's sober.

U-127SG Type: Gunta 01
A diamond shape that expands the top and bottom vertices of oval (ellipse).
A small lens and a small lens create a unique sense of fashion.

The front design expressed by two metal rims is very attractive.
It is a strangely erotic product, though it is a personal feeling.
(It's very easy to apply.)

There are still many other arrivals, but this time around here ... Stop!

All you want to see, touch, and try.

Most of the customers who say "they don't look good" are "unfamiliar" cases.

It is inevitable to make an excuse from the beginning and blur the chance! ! !

By the way, if you like what you like as a thing, it doesn't look good.
It's fun to create a creative way to look good.

We, nowShavensoTie a beardFlip -up glassesI am spending time with the habit of triple punch.
There was nothing that suits you from the beginning.

There is a timing when you suddenly come to your clothes, behavior, and one consciousness.
What you think depends on the person who sees it, but first of all, you are convinced. I really like it now.

I will also say the words in the history textbook (*alchemist of steel) quoted in the title.

"The word" not suitable "doesn't fit."

If you have too much your throat!
Take the first step to create a fun world.

"I want to praise myself who tried and bought this at that time !!!"

I would be happy if I could do such an experience together.
When you visit because it is a space like a house. I hope you can share a wonderful time while relaxing and relaxing.

Of course, a Asahi Super Dry Mug Cane Can
Not, of course, health first.