good evening
Thank you for opening GW
Many people come to the store.
I hear the voice of summer items soon.
I'm cold.
I still feel chilly outside.
(Hot coffee group even in summer)
A slightly cold spring night long.
Suddenly every thought. I wanted to go for a walk in the middle of the night.
To avoid neon and lights and cover your thoughts.
One piece is still not enough.
Today we will introduce light wear that is perfect for such people.
 ENSOU. Styling photo
ENSOU. Sand parka using Irish linen.
The material is made of a blend of blended yarn with expression.

Absolutely, it will be cooler to wear.
I'm looking forward to it in 5 years, despite a new article. An item that is expected to be a future.

ENSOU. Styling photo
Luxury and three -dimensional effect.
When it comes to wearing it, the feeling of doing it is the best.
Product details image of ENSOU.
Product details image of ENSOU.
Once through the sleeves. When you close your eyes.
It seems that the total length is 100cm or more.
I wonder if the sleeves are passing through the old military wear
It's about to misunderstand.
Volume feeling. Thick body width and arm.
If you open your eyes, you can wear it without discomfort. Very strange.
Product details image of ENSOU.

Please contact us for items without links because it is an online item.

ENSOU.'s clothes respect the intentions of designer Nishikawa as much as possible
CEDARWOOD does not sell at an online shop.
Actually, cedarwood is originally
I didn't plan to make an online shop.

I understand that there is such a brand,
Rather, I even learn sympathy.
To buy clothes at the online shop
I don't deny it.
It is a unique opinion that values ​​clothes and dialogue.
So even at this time.
If you love clothes, please go to the store.