Seeing ghosts and withered tails

I make a new music that it is not new.
It feels like an old one, but the old ones are not new even if they look fresh.
That's where I think these days.
What is really new?
There are many things that you don't know if you look new.
To explain and explain
It is also difficult to need a certain amount of knowledge.
Someone goes the moon, the fool looks at his finger.
This is an old Italian proverb that ridicules people with poor sensitivity.
Because it's a world where you can easily get a new one.
I want to think deeply about that "new".
Most of the strange things and things in the world have proved it.
Don't blame the Shinto and Buddha that you can't understand.
Someone or science will prove it.
But in a world where there is no gap that I think for myself
Is it really interesting?
I don't know, so
It's exciting and fun every day.
For clothes. For fashion.
I feel like there is still a lot of space to think.
Body type, face, body balance, skin color, muscle mass, age, occupation
Trends, materials, size, design, social wisdom, common sense.
The last common sense is something that changes little by little, so I added it.
In the medieval Europe, the revenge of Fades has been legalized.
Even if you kill a person by revenge, you will be exempted.
It's not possible now, but that was natural.
If the natural changes, the fashion will change.
There is no stagnation in fashion.
Somewhere in the world, claim that this is cool
As long as there are minorities.
Like the earth is rotating little by little. It changes little by little.
Sometimes intense.
It is fashion to break the obvious at that time
I feel the biggest attraction.
To fill the gap.
I try to know what I don't understand.
The blanks that are not buried are buried for a moment.
I am impressed at that moment.
This is the trend at that time. Even if it happens, different things will be answered next week.

Like the changing season.
The wind blows. This is the time when the flowers bloom.
The concept of that. Even this moment.
I guess it's a very meaningful value in fashion.


Is it too much or free? 。 Smile

By the way, it takes time to think that it's not an answer even if you think about it
It feels like a fool.
(Eventually, a smarter person will prove it)

So today.
It has not changed for 190 years.
It is the natural world to change
Here are some brands that continue to prove the same value.
Product image of Tricker's
Product image of Tricker's
Product image of Tricker's
Product image of Tricker's
Product image of Tricker's
Shoe maker with the oldest history in the UK.
Among them, the country's representative wing chip country boots.

Speaking of country shoes
I think many people imagine this
It adapts a wide range from casual wear to suits
These shoes are truly immortal masterpieces.

I want you to have one pair with a mast.
Such an item.
Model: BOURTON is also famous for shoes,
I feel more like boots than shoes, so I select STOW this season.
Sometimes it is available in used clothes
The leather remains crisp,
I see those who wear it without any size.
I don't think it's honest to choose by price alone.

Strictly speaking.

If the fitting is different even in the same part number
It has a completely different expression, and we have undergone minor changes in 190 years of history.
The last form may be slightly different depending on the year you purchased.
The shoes that someone wore may have wrinkles unnaturally.
With a trusted salespeople
It is better to get a good explanation and buy it
It is decided later.
Such staff are usually other manufacturers
I have experience wearing TRICKER'S for another part number
Because it gives an answer compared to other models and manufacturers.
I have been watching leather shoes for many years.
The style has changed, but the fashion has changed.
I have been wearing it for more than 10 years.
Due to your current style and compatibility with clothes placed in the store
I am selecting Tricker's.
Product image of Tricker's
In fact, I myself have been wearing these monkey boots for nearly 10 years.
A model of trust and achievements.
New and TRICKER's I have.
Which one do you choose if you can exchange it?
If you are asked, definitely choose the boots you have now.
There are no more boots that are easy to wear for 10 years.
The boots that I grew up over 10 years have a love,
The oil is soaked in the oil.
Hollywood star from the past.
Isn't that man every year?
I think there is a moment when I feel
The Tricker's I put on is just like that.
It will be more cool and wild.
So I want you to buy a large piece of young people by all means.
Because I can keep up with my life.
When purchased and 10 years later
You can enjoy your growth and shoes growth.
By the way, this is bespoke.
Kobastetch is changed to white to the command sole.
More American. Finished as a work face.
Waterproof spray is essential because the white stitch is dyed black when worn on a rainy day.
Product image of Tricker's
Product image of Tricker's
Tan sticks to the body
Casual plain.
This is the last minute formal
I made it a leather sole.
It looks like dressy just by changing the sole.
This is casual, formal.
The controversy.
As mentioned earlier, it becomes ambiguous when the times change.
If it's about this, you have to match it with a soft suit at this time
Is there no problem to say formal?
(Since the situation is different, please consult if you are uneasy)
Product image of Tricker's
The moment when a new one is born.
It's really wonderful and impressive.
A few centuries. The times have changed, but the common sense has changed, but the value and shape do not change (it is soaring year by year).
I feel like it's super scientific and super -human.
I'm a little scared. Smile