I've been doing my best recently writing a blog

However, the repertoire for the opening greeting is about to disappear. I think it's a good idea. Golden Week has finally ended, but how are you all? I'm fine and I'm fine.

During this self -restraint period, I try to pick up movies and books that I do not usually choose. So, the movie that I thought was the best to watch

Yes, you already know

It is a single -half magic of Pixar's work, isn't it?

It looks exactly like

A story in which a brother who wants to meet his deceased father again goes on a journey to completely revive his father who has revived only half by magic. His younger brother, Ian, who has no confidence, has a hidden magic talent, and through his journey, he realizes the importance of familiar people and gains confidence in self -confidence.

I'm crying anymore

It is especially distinctive that the hero Ian walks on the bottom of the valley while attaching his lifeline to walk in the air. His brother Burley has a lifeline, but the knot is loose and it can be solved directly above the valley bottom. Burley notices that, keeps saying that Ian is not aware of it, and can safely cross it, but when I started crossing the valley, Ian's cat's back, timid face, and his negative remarks. As you progress, your chest is stretched and your face clears out, and you can shout out loudly, "I can do it!"

I cried as if I was looking at his son


If you experience this kind of experience, everyone will be confident. But I just felt that it was the same in fashion. The customer who was really just came.

He was a customer who witnessed the day when he first came to Cedarwood, and he was nervous on the first day of coming, and he has never been able to pick it up before. It was very impressive to listen seriously to the explanation of clothes. And on that day, I took me back to my wife, but I came to the store a lot since that day, and as the day increased, my smile increased, and I was able to say, "Fashion is so fun!" 。

I think it's very courageous to wear clothes that you have never picked up and have never challenged. However, while I was skeptical, I picked it up through my sleeves and actually went outside, saw myself flickering in the shop window, and said, "Is that? When you open the new door and wear the challenged clothes, you may be more praised more than usual. By the time I came home, I was already Hancock.

In addition, I wear such memories and I can't let go. I want to say that there are fashion lovers.

CEDARWOOD is helping you to choose your clothes with the desire to meet such a special one. "Are you satisfied with yourself now? Find you who you haven't seen yet. Let's open a new door together ~ Cedarwood ~ "

It has become insanely long. (Is there a strong person who read everything?)

Sugarhill / Ombre Panama Fringe Vest (Green)

Song for the mute / tie dye jersey l / s tee

Sugarhii / FADE OVER ALL (Faded Indigo)

"It's overall season ~~~~"

When it gets warm, you want to wear overalls. I am reminiscent of spring and summer, despite the relaxation of the overalls and the waist around, and in the fall and winter, I can afford knits.

If you combine it with a thick item in the fall and winter, he will inevitably have a large silhouette, so you can't play much in the silhouette, but when combined with a light item in spring and summer, you can play with a large overall. So I want to wear light in spring and summer.

Wearing a really cool overall, today's protagonist is overall! Then it's natural, it's a bit interesting, and you can tell anyone. We all think that her Cedarwood customers are looking for more after wearing a cool overall.

ISugarhill's Ombre Panama Fringe VestWhen
Song for the Mute's Tie Dye Jersey L/S TeeAsk me.

The best check and Ron Tee's tie -dye, the pattern is different, but when you wear it together, there is a part where the line coincides overlap. It's easy to understand the white part of the chest peeking from overalls. Moreover, both are similar pale colors, but if you look closely, there are many different colors. But if you wear it together, the wavelength of the next color is the same.

Isn't he really bitter? He got up in the tension.

Song for the Mute's Tie Dye Jersey L/S Tee, I really recommend it for layered teachers. It's hard to meet Ron Tee, which can be useful for layering.

When laying Ron Tee, it's probably when you want to put out your sleeves, but Ron Tee you meet Ron Tee, who meets Ron Tee, is a single color. Moreover, there are many thick fabrics as long as Ron Tee to surpass the cold, and when layered, it gets a little stiff and stressed.



This Ron Tee is produced with a cut -saw maker that claims to be the world's highest quality.It is so soft that it doesn't seem like cotton, so you can layer without breaking the silhouette.



I think it's such a mature sex appeal, whether you can meet your life in the future. Although it is a tie -dye that is eye -catching, it is a calm and pale color, so it blends into the whole coordination without overlapping. Already, Kosugi -kun.

(I wonder if there are still strong people ...)

I'm always playful, but sometimes I can write serious sentences. But please be assured that this time I used up serious gauge, so I will return to the playful blog again next time. In addition, Hashimoto Kanna and channey drinking Ruby on the beach come out. (I just came out of Kosugi)

Every day, instead of just wearing good clothes, you can find one cut that you can't find by others from the coordination you have assembled. I want to drown in fashion every day and enjoy fashion every day.

(I will give you 1 million yen by lottery from the strong man who read it to the end, the word DM, and those who retweeted with follow -up).

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