Iin Furena

Time is Edo.
In the history of over 250 years.

A unique civilization blossoming.
The Edo period, which is said to be the most shining Japan.

Utagawa Hiroshige, Hokusai, etc.
A time when Japan was proud of the world and had a name in history.

Speaking of their masterpieces.
Yes, Ukiyo -e.

I also love Ukiyo -e.
If you put a tattoo yourself, you will get the design from Ukiyo -e.

By the way, the image of the thumbnail is Eisen Keisai.

Work name: Sajido Nakajuju
Oiso Mitsuyoshi Yoshiwara 53 vs Owariya
(My favorite work has nothing to do with it, even though I plan to talk about stripes in the future)

It is said that as a result of the procedure order, it has been delayed by about 200 years from developed countries.
The culture that boasts Japanese like a Ukiyo -e was not interrupted, and it was transmitted.
It is said that this Edo has 200 years.
Without being invaded by continental culture.
It's a baton that a long time ago connected to the present age.
A really wonderful era.
Ah, I want to go if I can.
I want to meet Eisen too.
It looks like Hokusai lived in the neighborhood. Smile

The lives of people in the Edo period can be known through paintings from the time.
What kind of clothes (kimono) did you wear? And.
It's a very important material that shows the life of that time.
Ukiyo -e characters often wear striped kimono.
Edo flower shape. Kabuki actor, Yokozuna, Yoshiwara's courtesan.
They often appear in Ukiyo -e.
It's a modern influencer.
They were extremely popular with Edo townspeople and became a fashion icon.
People who like fashion but don't know the goodness of Ukiyo -e
It may be a good idea to look at the fashion at that time.
I feel like I was looking at Ukiyo -e.
It may be recommended that the writer Eizen, who mentioned earlier, for those types.
The subject, which is rich in colors, is also a 80 % type beauty.
So today is a striped pattern.
It's a stripe now.

Styling photo of Song for the Mute
From Song for the Mute (Song Fours Mute, SFTM)
Striped pants using the original textile arrive.
SFTM is available from 21SS in CEDARWOOD.
In fact, it is a very valuable brand in Japan.
It is only located in limited stores in Japan
In fact, it is a brand from Australia with dozens of stores around the world.
Styling photo of Song for the Mute
With Creative Director Lyna Ty (Lina Thailand)
Brand Director Melvin Tanaya (Melvin Tanaya)
It was established by.
Using traditional methods and innovative ideas
It creates textiles and designs that have never been.
Fabric woven by craftsmen with outstanding skills is close to art
If you actually touch the textile, you will even be impressed by its splendor.
This stripe has an ellipse connected to a rosary and has a chain -like
That is also reminiscent of the Japanese pattern stripes.
A solid fabric feeling with a three -dimensional effect.
But it's not too thick.
Good salt plum fabric feeling.
Styling photo of Song for the Mute
Exquisite thickness, length is 9. This is also the length of Shioume.
What is the brand director Melvin?
I often communicate through SNS.
In contrast to a calm personality
I am always surprised by the attacked design and silhouette.
Styling photo of Song for the Mute
This season, a bag in a common fabric.
The full -fledged embroidery and the removable original attached are outstanding presence.
Product image of Song for the Mute
Product photo of Song for the Mute
A vibrant Edo kid.
Ukiyo -e that depicts an emotional life
It was like magazines and SNS now.

It is said, ...

In fact, at that time, there were 200 times, a frugal order that prohibited sake, cigarettes, kimonos, luxury items, stage and customs in general.

It is said that most of the townspeople and villagers wore hemp and plain kimonos.

Steal the eyes of the officials in severe constraints
Everyone was desperately fashionable. Smile

Unlike people in the Edo period.
In modern times, if you wear Emon, you won't get angry.

We get to the city and enjoy fashion on SNS without anyway.
Product photo of Song for the Mute

Hmm ...
I wonder if I am now better for me. Smile