Rainy color

Well, cold days are still going on.
Especially at night it gets cold.

Looking back at the photos, I was wearing short sleeves last year.

The current time is 20:54.
It is raining in Osaka.
I really like rain.
I don't like it every day, but I like to think about what to wear on a rainy day.

Also, rain? What
Even if you get angry that you can't help it.
Then you should enjoy it.
There are fashions that only rain days.
Also, the roof of the Cedarwood bounces rain and plays a good sound.
On a sunny day, it feels good on a sunny day and it feels good.

The sound of the rain and the train (because the shop is under the elevated)
It's no longer a set. I hope you can listen to it like a BGM. Smile

By the way, what should I wear on a rainy day?

UJOH (Ujoe) Staring Photo
I incorporate moderate colors on rainy days.
Don't feel too sinking in the rain.
Like hydrangeas blooming in the rain and water lilies floating in the pond.
Choose color patterns that are compatible with water and relatively calm colors.
UJOH's styling photo
UJOH's no -color shirt has a moderate sheer feeling
It is good to have good breathability and do not jewel.
Also, this floral pattern is embroidery
It is better to have a three -dimensional effect.
There is a presence even if the view is blocked by rain.
The leaves and stems other than the flowers are black embroidery, which is luxurious and good.
UJOH's styling photo
For your information.
Wearing staff (cap) height 166cm 50kg
The casual first place I chose on a rainy day.
I understand that tech and gears are good on the royal road.
Other than that.
Match the color of the air.

The cityscape on a rainy day is in my eyes
Because it looks gray or navy
Be aware of styling so that the color of the background is compatible with the color of the background.

This may not be much empathy because of this feeling, but ...
Children of the Discordance styling photo
What kind of air is drifting in the destination?
It may be interesting if you consciously formulate styling.