5/22-23 Solaris & Co. AW 2021 EXHIBITION

It is raining in Osaka today.

It looks like the rainy season has entered a little earlier than usual.

There is also an important news today, so
The introduction is moderate.
Learn the project of Lao.
I want to listen on a rainy day like today. The sound of the rain does not become noise
Here are the best songs.
Portishead [Roads]
I wonder if it is suitable for BGM on a rainy day
[Roads] of the portis head that will listen if you notice
This LIVE version is co -starring with the New York Philharmonic.
Also, these people live in a very cool way of life.
If you are worried, please check it out.
Last blogBut I touched it
I don't hate rain.

I don't hate it

If you can enjoy the timing of rain.
If I stay close to the rainy mood.
I guess even the dark and depressing mood can be somehow enjoyed.

Solaris & Co. AW2021 EXHIBITION
* If you wish, we will also support you outside business hours.
Some products do not have some samples.
Please check with the store staff for details.

In the case of a reservation, you will pay the entire product fee on the day, or you will receive 10%of the product fee with the deposit (cash).
In the case of reservations, cancellations, exchanges, etc. are not accepted in principle.
There is no need to make reservations in advance.

For those who are difficult to visit, serve customers online. We also accept reservations
Please feel free to contact us.
Solaris & Co. (Solaris) Ordering Blog
Created by inspired by the NY style of the 1950s
This season's Solaris & Co.

Inspired by a photographer named Sole Lighter
I have abstract urban everyday life.

By applying an abstract expression method to Look
On the contrary, I felt impressive to me.
A little in the masculinity.
With a charming design somewhere
Luxuriously using high -quality fabric
Sophisticated, beautiful men's wear.
If you say this, it may be a little misleading.
Solaris clothes
Looks simple and looks easy
Surprisingly difficult to match with other brands. Smile

Maybe USED is a better brand.
Even if it goes well with USED
It is fascinated by the unique modern design that USED is never.

Conversely, the hat
It has the flexibility to be addicted to any style.

Two -sidedness of difficulty and flexibility.
Even if you make the same creator
I feel a brand -like feeling that the different aspects can be glimpsed.
This season, I was worried about the cap on the cap on the cap
Slim slacks, leather cardigans, denims, ...
And almost all models. Smile
This is my first order for Solaris & Co.
It can be rephrased as a long -awaited.
I've always wanted to offer it, so it's a trigger
It was decided, but this is also the timing.

Although the number of wear models is not large
It is a strong lineup to feel the world view.
It was a sudden event,
I am looking forward to seeing all the people on the weekend.
Look image of Solaris & Co.
Solaris & Co.
The designer is Ryuichi Tokai Hayashi.
A simple design that values ​​functionality and has been reduced waste.
A fabric that has a unique taste depending on the habit of the wearer and how to use it.

While sticking to both
Change the shape and material for each season,
We are making things under the theme of “Old & New”.

Spots and dirt made by using it for many years,
As a characteristic of that item, you can love it,
Sometimes like a long -standing friend. Sometimes like a life companion.
Solaris & Co. Is aiming for such products.