6/19 (Sat.) -20 (Sun.) Haruki Abe SHOE POLISH EXHIBITION


good evening

I think some people may be aware of it,
I've been in the past month.

I'm thin.

No, I don't know. Smile

Actually, I was on a diet last year

I was restricting my diet
When I was stressed, I stopped because it would bother others. Smile

This time is simple

I run in the morning and evening and stretch.
Eat breakfast.

only this.
Did this alone have improved your physical condition and the amount you eat a little?

Nakazaki -cho has many delicious rice shops
I would like to plan a plan to introduce my favorite restaurant in blog someday.
I have to do it after getting thinner.

We will also report the progress. Smile

By the way, this project was very popular this time.
Photo of Haruki Abe

6/19 (Sat.)-6/20 (Sun.)
“Haruki Abe Shoe Polish EXHIBITION”
Part 1 11: 00-13: 00
Part 2 14: 00-16: 00

Cedarwood 2F

※By appointment only
2 hours per frame (up to 5 to 6 people, reception ends as soon as the capacity is reached)
¥ 5000+TAX (tuition fee only)
Leather shoes you want to polish yourself
* Reservation method
Please tell us at the store or telephone, DM, etc.
(TEL: 06-6743-4403)

This time, she is also a shoe polisher, and runs a specialty store for shoe polishing, which is rare in the country.
We will invite Abe -san and have a small number of people teach you shoe polishing.

To be honest, I can do my own shoes on my own, and I can study books.
I think there are many people who think.
Abe's polished shoes are completely different.

This is the state of the previous class.
My Tricker's has been around for 10 years.
I made a mistake.
Alden wet in the rain, too.
Resurrected in 15 minutes.
No, it's too amazing. Smile
Even after it's over, I've been polishing several times
After all, it will not be so beautiful.
Hundreds of thousands of feet a month, tens of thousands of feet a year, and hundreds of thousands of luxury men's shoes to culture shoes.

Make the optimal finish by looking at the texture, color, and style of leather.

One of the skills I took and gained a huge amount of time.
Extreme of training.

Especially men grow older
It is a necessary technology.

What I first met for the first time
First of all, you look at your feet.
No matter how much you notice your clothes
I feel like you can understand who it is, whether it is well -maintained to shoes.

It is often the case that God dwells in the details.

Why don't you take this opportunity to pursue the beauty that can't be reached by self -taught?

Haruki Abe (Haruki Abe)
UPSWINGSTYLE Co., Ltd. President and CEO
Representative of the shoe polishing specialty store "NINETYTWO".
He learned his own skills and obtained a certification of Japan's first shoe trainer from the famous French shoe cream maker "SAPHIR" at the age of 24.
In the [Shoe Polishing Championship 2019], he lined up with craftsmen nationwide and shines in the top four nationwide.
He is one of Japan's leading shoe polishing craftsmen who are active in Japan and overseas.

By the way, this time another fun project is ...
This shoe brand, which attracts attention in Japan, has been decided to sell the Kansai first sale and order sales!

A brand based in Asakusa, Tokyo, established by Teppei Yoshimi, founded in 2013. From the knowledge and polished sense of experiencing a number of brands in many brands
The created "RENDO" attracts many leather shoes fans.
Of course, there is a dress line in TRICKER'S, the only leather shoes brand handled in our shop.
A full -fledged dress shoes that are different from Tricker's.
I have never worn leather shoes that are easy to wear, wear leather shoes, so there are many such people.
I like RENDO "I am happy with my feet."
Rendo may be able to experience such a fitting "your legs happy."
Would you like to create your shoes and your story from this pair?
Reserved shoes \ 49500 ~ (TAX IN)
Pattern order ¥ 59400 ~ (Tax in)
92 Bespoke specification ¥ 74800 ~ (Tax in)
* The size adjustment is set at this price based on the constant efforts of free craftsmen and the desire to touch good shoes at an affordable price.

There is a limit on the reservation frame of the workshop, but anyone sells shoes.

Please participate, so

Please take on the real thing at this opportunity.