good evening
By the way, some people say it's the end of the season.

When you feel the sign of summer.

I want to wear the floating clothes.

Color, pattern, deformation, different materials, ...
There are some kiwamono that you don't usually choose.
It's good, so it's because of the summer.

That's why I feel that summer shopping is still coming.
I want to wear that in the summer, but I want to wear it, but it's too high
I want to ignore the fine rules of fashion.

Well, so much of the rules
I don't care. Smile
Styling photo of Solaris & Co.

Solaris & Co's short sleeve knit.
I think it's a little hot in midsummer
Thick clothes may be luxurious.
Styling photo of Solaris & Co.
Styling photo of Solaris & Co.
Styling photo of Solaris & Co.
Styling photo of Solaris & Co.

The moderate oversize has a feeling of omission ◎
Children of the Discordance styling photo

Next is sweatshorts.
Sweat shorts and this year! ! When
It's been two years to keep saying.

No, I think some people have always felt like it. Smile
I was giving up because the reaction was bad at all, but it's finally your turn! ! I want to go.
It's a completely surplus item at home.
I feel like I'm here.

Tydai dyeing is by skilled craftsmen.
The tie dyeing itself is a steering stone to drop on the street or hippie.
Like a children, a luxury.
I dared to incorporate it into the styling with a resort -like feeling.
Styling photo of Solaris & Co.

Dare, the hat is also switched between Abaca (thin natural fiber from a mania) and leather.
Select a bold combination of different materials
I gave it a discomfort overall.

 Styling photo of Solaris & Co.

By the way, next week will be held in March
The second event of Rumor's shoe polish was 100%satisfied.
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If the frame of 15: 00-17: 00 is still a little empty, if you are worried
Please contact us and make a reservation.

Then again.