Before looking.

good evening

It was in the second half of June, but the temperature is not high and it is a little cool.

The day to go out continues
How are you all spending?

I'm still the same.

On a hot day, eat shaved ice at a shaved ice shop near the store
If I have time, I polish my shoes and read the book loosely.

Yes Yes.
Speaking of shoe polishing.
We held an event at CEDARWOOD last weekend,
It was very popular as before.

REND shoes
This is the RENDO shoes.

It was my first custom order for authentic leather shoes
The lovers of leather shoes who were acquainted by Abe, a shoe polished craftsman, joined.

Large adults are excited. Smile
Just listening to the story was learned.

Events that will satisfy all the people who came
Well, I didn't have it.

I'm happy too.
I just wanted to buy leather shoes. Smile

Do you want shoes or polish your shoes?

Is the egg first or the chicken first?
It was like that. Smile

I want to do it again.
What should I do next?

Let's think for a moment.

From Children of the Discoordance (hereinafter Cotd).
The best best is in stock.

Everything is one of the hand paint.

A handicraft that is different from the print.
I feel the warmth of people unique to paint.

An item full of commitment.
In the coming season when the temperature is rising
The season to worry about styling using layered.

I want to layer even in summer ... But it's hot ...

The best is this seasonal must -buy item.
Short sleeves, ron T matching, and single items are good.

A versatile item.
I want to go outside with one sleeveless piece.

But it's a bit embarrassing to put out your arms ...

This best is a tank sleeve and the sleeves are a little on the shoulder.

It is a type that is easy to wear even for a single item.

There is no need to layer because the hem is left cut.
From here
To the layered madness who wants to layer in the summer.
To the perverts of layered. Smile

I also recommend a tank top under the best like me.
If you take off your vest and wear a tank top, it's pretty good. Smile
(Last summer, Aki has been verified)

,. Smile

But it's important to put the inner without a joke, absolutely.

As you don't touch your skin directly, your clothes will be better,
Above all, cool. must. Smile

After all cotd is really cool.

Product quality and design.

Above all, I do not look back. Wherever.

The attitude of the brand that moves forward to the world.

I am even impressed by the appearance going ahead.

The story is a little off.

What you need most for fashion
So I personally think.

If you don't have the courage to pay a lot, you can't buy clothes.
If you don't have the courage to change yourself, you can't choose new clothes.

Don't immerse yourself in lukewarm water forever.

It will continue to be ahead. The road to walk.
If you are going to ask yourself.
Surely be there.
The door to the world that I have never seen has opened.
I wonder if he will take you to another world somewhere.
Surely, to a wonderful world that you haven't seen yet.
And that's it.
When the world is suddenly opened.
The world you can see.
The coolest world of sleeveless layered!
A world that makes you want to layer tank tops!
(We think it's really cool, but we're messed up at a drinking party.)

Now. Smile
It's about time to look in the fall and winter
(What ifCotd is 22ssYou announced ... )

CEDARWOOD goes from spring to summer specification.

The change of clothes is finally over. Smile

Please come to choose the best one this summer.

While saying that.
CEDARWOOD has a great brand this fall and winter. Smile
Everyone, please look forward to it.

Someday for details.