Something like a lie


Yes, no!


good evening

Like YouTuber.
I wanted to give a greeting.

How was it.


There is a reason why the tension is slightly high.

Many people in the same industry come to the store today.
Customer service and fashion.

He talked a lot.

Apparently, it seems like you're worried that the shop is different.

It was interesting to hear the story. Smile

The main consultation content.

Trying on is refused.
I'm only interested in the clothes that celebrities were wearing on SNS.
I don't want to hear the story in the first place.

There are many people who are actually involved in sales.
I understand this blog reader.
I guess there are quite a few people.
I have something to think about selling.

Rather than not selling.
It's more sad that you don't feel your feelings.

Even if it doesn't sell.
If you can convey your feelings, everyone who came
I wonder if we will be a satisfying customer service for us.

That was today's best answer.


We are not your enemy.
That's right. It's a bit if you sell suspicious vases. Smile

Instead, I have the pride of purchasing and selling good things.

Only for you. Correctly and accurately. I want to choose.
I just want to convey this feeling.

It was a bit of a confession of Kimome. Smile

It is a minor brand or a brand that claims a strong personality.
I want to open a fashion door that I have never experienced before
Because I really think.

Opening the door. Experience.
I want you to know that it will be the best pleasure.

Also, it's interesting.

I want to convey it correctly and accurately.
I want it to be difficult to convey because it is difficult.
I really hope.

No, which one. Smile

But both are true.

What you can easily explain and understand the goodness.

Do you feel attractive?

I never think so.

For those who come well

When an acquaintance asks a recommended clothes shop
I was told that Cedarwood would not introduce.

It's a special shop for me
It's not a special shop for everyone.
At that time, I was quite upset at that time. Smile



It may not be wrong.
I got stuck when it hurts.
If you want to do fashion to everyone, you'll be doing more.

But what I think is not a lot.

I want someone to be necessary for someone.
Even if it is not accepted now.
Walk one step at a time. I wish I could reach my feelings.

And it doesn't pass through the screen.
He wants to come to the store and get it to feel it on his skin.

I really thought.

It has become strangely hot.
Well today.
A very nice T -shirt has arrived from Ensou.

This is the introduction.
ENSOU. T -shirt

merry christmas!
Mr. Rolence!

Have you ever heard this phrase once?

ENSOU. T -shirt

This is an English -speaking title of the movie [Merry Christmas on the battlefield] directed by Nagisa Oshima.

Moreover, ENSOU. Has officially collaborated with this Oshima Production.

This is for designer Nishikawa to convey this masterpiece to posterity
Is there anything you can do?
After thinking, I want to incorporate it into my product as a design.
The realization of a dream born in response to that strong feeling.

That's all, I'm a tearful thing. Smile
ENSOU. T -shirt
ENSOU. T -shirt
ENSOU. T -shirt
Through fashion, focus on the battlefield Merry Christmas.
Also, if you can face this movie, you can understand the background and the environment at the time. If you could notice the intention of the creator ...

And if you notice it and know it.
This is not just a T -shirt.
It feels more attractive.

I actually bought it.

What does I mean to wear this T -shirt?

Rather than buying a band (movie) fan (goods).
Is it closer to Margiela's AIDS T?

Wearing to convey the creator's thoughts.

Every year, it's more than just good clothes.
It's a form of someone's thoughts.
I also think about the meaning of wearing.
ENSOU. T -shirt

For your information.
Wearing staff height 166cm 50kg
・ ENSOU. MERRY XMAS MR… .t size: m COL: Gray ¥ 12100 (TAX IN)
・ Solaris & Co. Suspenders --Cassidy Size: 36 COL: Black ¥ 41800 (TAX IN)

Based on that.
ENSOU. The clothes of the designer Nishikawa may be the hope of Mr. Nishikawa.
We do not sell at online shops.

That is the designer's thoughts.
It is my role to pump it correctly.
I think it's my responsibility to convey correctly.

Oh, this doesn't matter at all.

Isn't Merry Christmas worn in summer cool? Called
I have a very easy -to -use thought. Smile

I talked so much ...

This is the one ... Smile
This is just a lie.

I would appreciate it if you could contact us if you are difficult to come to the store.
We will respond by email, DM, and telephone.

By the way, I think the introduction was too long and tired. Smile

The tightening is simple.

see you.