"D" will

We become indebted to.

The last name is Aya.
Everyone who imagined a cute girl for a moment.
Sumimasen as a man

The other day, it seems that hail has fallen in Tokyo.
The unstable weather like the Grand Line and the COVID-19 as usual are continuing, but how are you all spending?

Today, I have lunch to my favorite Chinese dining "Okukawa".
It is a neighborhood about a 5 -minute walk from Cedarwood.

A nice father, mother, and staff are really really really delicious in the shops that are served alone, but especially Mapo tofu is exquisite.

When the frequency is high, I go every week,
It is a heartful shop that will make you large without saying anything.

This time, it's been a long time to visit lunch, but he served the finest dishes and said, "Eat a lot!"

I love you ... Thank you! ! !

This time, as the title is.

Speaking of "D", which is popular in Japan and abroad.



It is said that pirate manga, which is greatly related to "D", is popular in the streets, but I can't talk because I'm not so familiar with manga ... !!!

A new line born from YUICHI TOYAMA from 21ss.
Designer Yuichi Toyama stores a huge number of documents such as ideas, drawings, and designs in a folder named "D" on a computer.
While digging into the ideas in "D", we propose eyewear based on the "5 routine" (see, think, draw, break, break), which is raised by Toyama, taking into account the essence of the times.

A type 2 rookie has arrived from such YUICHI TOYAMA / D.

[Type: TOMOE]

It is a design inspired by the traditional Japanese crest "Three Tomoe".
Antique Gold [Yellow]
Silver [Light Gray]
¥ 31,900- (TAX IN)

[Type: Yotsume]
It is a design inspired by the Japanese traditional family crest "Heiri 4th".
Antique Gold [Yellow]
Silver [Light Gray]
¥ 31,900- (TAX IN)

Both types are designed from the Japanese traditional "family crest" that is perfect for the mood of the Wano Country edition.

And how.
What a!

All four products in the store this time are "EXCLUSIVE MODEL".

There is only one point in the world

"Word ranking that resonates with adult men who like clothes" 2nd place.
"Only one point in the world."

This works ~~~

The lens color that matches the frame has a cohesive finish.
Because it is a light lens, it can be worn with daily use.

Sunglasses because it's summer!
But the one that can be applied in other seasons!
For you who are greedy.

Because the lens color is light and it is easy to keep the impression of the face, so
Recommended for you who can't choose your first sunglasses.

Each coordinates will be added.
Cotton Casquette -TAKUYA CHIBA (khaki) / ¥19,800-
Vintage Scarf Shirt Short Sleeve ③ / ¥70,400-
Vintage Embroidery Denim Pt / ¥57,200-

BOX JKT / ¥64,900-
Tank TOP / ¥13,200-
Slit Flare PNT / ¥39,600-

By the way
"Word Ranking that resonates with the adult men who like clothes" is the first place

Because money is paper。」
by. Yuriko Ishida

The words that follow up

"Do you have a lot of paper or experience? (I want to convert it to experience."

It's a very nice way of thinking.

A better experience of your shopping.
I will help you for that.

I don't know about ONE PIECE, but I'm waiting for you on Cedarwood.

I can't say a loud voice because it's a corona evil.
Uruse! lets go! ! ! I can not say that, but we are waiting for you with Cedarwood.

May such an era become Laugh Tale.