Which coordination do you like your wife? So what is the menu for dinner tonight?

ちょっと奥さん どのコーディネートが好きなのよ!そんで今夜の夕食のメニューは?

The day has already been long.

It is familiar. How are you all?

Today, we have set up four coordinates with SATORU SASAKI's PLEATS SKIRT, so I would like to introduce them.


[Enre number 1]

Tank TOP (WHITE) / Nobuyuki matsui
Front Gathered Camisole (Olive Gray) / Ujoh 

It is a little military -like. The pleats of SATORU SASAKI and the feeling of Ujoh's gathers are combined, so it is simple but full. Hmm, it's a river. Is it a BBQ date in a shallow river? I applied plenty of sunscreen and went barefoot and entered the river. Buy tomatoes and watermelon at a local grocery store and cool them in the river. After I'm full of BBQ, I eat it by saying another stomach.

Both shake well on the operation. However, thanks to the gathering of Ujoh and the large slits on the side, it does not look bad from around the waist, so the style does not look bad.
There is a clause that swells and looks when you layer such a camisole, but it will show you a good style. Based on UJOH's perspectiveEssential tailoringIt is unique. So please enter the river and enjoy it. Please make me think (Oh, I'm going to play like a child unexpectedly).


[Enre number 2]

Gather Turtleneck Cutsew (Green) / Allege.

I like to put together in the same color personally, and together with the cute Solaris & CoT Jacket (BEIGE), I put the color in Allege.
Allege. Gather Turtleneck Cutsew is a perfect fabric like a sheer, so it's perfect for summer layering.

, ... a zoo. A zoo date with a lunch box.
The tropical tropical jacket means "tropical", and is the motif of the tropical areas developed in the war era and the clothes worn by tropical adventurers. It's already perfect for a zoo date. Rather than loud, "I'm wearing men's items!"


[Enre number 3]

FADED ROHY BAND TOUR TEE (Yellow) / Sugarhill

After going to a supermarket on a holiday, I spent a relaxing time in the room, and I got a call for an invitation to "Let's go to a movie now" and put a skirt in the clothes I had worn.
SATORU SASAKI's PLEAT SKIRT is outstanding with pants, so you can enjoy various styles.

Sugarhill's band Tee is designed if Sugarhill tours. It is a fictional tour T-shirts. It's unique to Sugarhill, which is related to music.
UJOH's Slit Flare PNT, which has a large slit, has a beautiful silhouette anyway, but it can be worn by men. I am a skirt and pants well, but if there is such a big slit at my feet (the pants look bold even if you combine it with a long skirt), you will be thrilled.


[Enre number 5]

BOX JKT (Dark Navy) / ujoh
Asymmetry Cutting Sleevels / Ujoh
Big Silhouette PNT (Navy) /Ujoh

Until now, it has been casual or a little light coordination, so it looks like that, right? I guess many people think that. Chitchitch. It goes perfectly in the mode! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! It goes well!

It may be my favorite coordination.
The feeling of the belt of the Pleat Skirt that you look into from Asymmetry Cutting Sleevels. The feeling of the belt and the inside belt passing through the BOX JKT. Asymmetry Cutting Sleevels Slits and Pleat Skirt's slits. Actually, it feels like a UjOH setup. beautiful.

Is it an art museum? Museum date. The coordination is coordinated until the pamphlet of the museum exhibited on the left. The inside of the hall is a bit cold, so please match the haori. An elegant summer wool fabric with a smooth texture, it is very light and has no lining, so you can wear it comfortably even in summer. The design that can be kept to the preferred position with the belt on the inside is also cute, and in the summer, I feel like wearing a little break and showing my skin.

I tried four coordinates with Satoru Sasaki's Pleat Skirt, but what is your favorite coordination? It's fun to think about various coordination with one item, no matter how much you pursue, there is no correct answer, and all the right fashion is deep. So I want to have a fashion that can nod every day.


This time, I will introduce recommended songs after a long time and finish. It's summer. It's hot and burnt, and it's not a repetition of reading a manga while eating ice in a cooler room, but just going out? Do you want to fall in love with that? One song that makes me think.

Summer Night / Kii Beer & The Hertitz

In summer, ~~~

I also want to wear a bustan and drive a drive date along the sea. It's like stopping lunch and dinner, but just stop by locally. Good ~~~. I want to do it.

I want to feel Noto (summer).

It's still a hard time going out. But you who want to feel summer and are crazy, you there. Please come to Cedarwood to eat shaved ice. There is a shaved ice shop where a good uncle runs a 30 -second walk from CEDARWOOD. A shaved ice shop that feels like returning home to grandpa's house. In the evening, the shaved ice, which is a little cooler and cools, is a Onunume because it tastes exquisite summer (I feel). (I wonder if I could catch it with shaved ice ...) I'm waiting for you.


Thank you for reading this time as well.

It looks like the chin was itchy

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