I don't know why I think so.

good evening

The BLOG period has been free for a long time.

The thunderstorm the other day is like a lie.

While exciting today's sunny weather.

As you notice in the thumbnail image
ToDayNobuyuki matsui coatI will introduce.
Nobuyuki matsui coat

Isn't this beautiful fabric first attracted?
Dobby fabric inspired by ivy.
In general, it is suitable for expressing a fine and delicate pattern when it is called Dobby weaving.

Damage to multicolor use.
A finish that is not considered to be a Dobby weave, suitable for a uniform design.
Nobuyuki matsui coat

By adding a color contrast to the deep green
You can feel the depth of the depth.
Nobuyuki matsui coat

Next is the details.
The collar is detachable
The removed collar has a fine stitch to improve the return.

Nobuyuki matsui coat
This coat shows the polite work of these craftsmen everywhere.

Nobuyuki matsui coat
Nobuyuki matsui coat

For example, there are many layers of sleeves that look three -dimensional and back york.
How to take a beautiful dart that shares the waist.
It is a classic and classic shoulder line, not just a man.

The more you see, the more interesting you see.
The more you pass through the sleeves, the more you will love.

Nobuyuki matsui coat

Nobuyuki matsui coat

Nobuyuki matsui coat

This styling is a styling that I personally like.
The collar has already been removed
The vest of the same fabric is peeked from the chest.
This makes the chest look three -dimensional
However, it is not too exaggerated
I think the best coat design is as good as the best.

Nobuyuki matsui coat

Well, let's go through the sleeves for the first time in a long time.
After all, I felt that it was a good clothes, and I took a brush again.

Good clothes just hanging
It tells us something.
I have such a mysterious power.

Good clothes pass through the sleeves, even if they don't be reflected in the mirror
It is transmitted to the skin that it is a wonderful clothes.

Even if someone else is wearing good clothes
It is an overwhelming presence that maximizes the charm that the person has.

So why do you think these clothes are interesting?

Isn't it because you didn't see it for a long time?

Did you not pass through your sleeves for a long time?

You can see it when you actually see it, touch the fabric, and pass through the sleeves.
You can wear it yourself. You can tell even if someone is wearing it.

That mysterious feeling.
The magical power of things.

A shining insect kera that jumps into the flame.
A miner who mines jewelry in a poisonous mining.
The wise men who were fascinated by art and were crazy about their lives.
It transcends races and races
A mysterious power that appeals to instinct.
That power
Self -expression, personality, dressing up.

Leave all of them.

Removes the high degree of perfection as a clothes again,
This clothes are the essence of clothes that people exist to wear. Push overwhelming facts.

And that's for me.
The encounter with this first place is for someone.
It will be irreplaceable.

Some kind of convinced expectation and uplifting.
Is it something that can be conveyed in this prose?
While having some kind of anxiety.
I want you to experience the overwhelming real feeling.
I thought it was hard.