continuation of the dream.

Today, we have been dealing with our customers until earlier,

With those who came from Hiroshima
With those who are going to Hiroshima from now on.

Actually, the people who came right after Cedarwood were created.

Apparently, most of the products I was aiming for were sold out.
(We have many people come for 4 consecutive holidays)

It gets bigger and bigger.
I'm a little lonely.

I received a very happy word.

If you're a little lonely

In fact, I think it's still more.

If this is the case, it will just be lonely.

But if it gets so big.

Maybe you can hug each other and laugh.
I think it can be a special relationship.
Thank you for believing so far.
I wish I could laugh.

What a expectation in the future that I haven't seen yet.

By the way, today I used a vintage scarf of Children of the Discordance (hereafter, Cotd).
We will introduce a special shirt.

All of the assortment is one point.
The shirt pattern is a cuba shirt owned by a designer.

Because the light fabric and the width are loose
The comfort is very good.
Children of the Discordance shirt

The fine and carefully combined scarf is beautiful.

Even though the intense design is combined so far
Why is it so beautiful?
Children of the Discordance shirt

A full -fledged design is applied to each piece
And the design is the whole design created by the wonderful designers of the past.
Because it is a design that makes sense for each part and part.
What someone made for another purpose, it is broken again in another form, the moment.
I guess the presence so far will come out.

Children of the Discordance shirt
Children of the Discordance shirt
By the way, this is my most recommended pattern.
・ Vintage Scarf Shirt Short Sleeve ④

What I often think recently is the universality of fabric value.
I think the value of fabric is more than the times.

I introduced you yesterdayNobuyuki matsui coatEven so.

Fabric made with a commitment.
It's cool even in the past 50 years ago.
It's still cool now.
I wonder if it will be cool even in the future 50 years later.

As if it corresponds to my thoughts.
(Maybe I was driven by the brand)
Cedarwood brands
He developed various wonderful textiles.

So this season (SS21, AW21) baying was particularly particular about textiles.

Just like cotd connected the past and the present.

Textile design reflects the air of that era.
It will remain in the future.

To connect the intentions of designers in textiles to posterity.