Look with a gentle feeling


The hot day doesn't come anymore.

I feel lonely when I think so.

The AW season items have begun to arrive at CEDARWOOD, and the back is being pushed, saying, "It's over summer, let's prepare for the fall." I felt so long during my summer vacation when I was in elementary school, but summer is really a moment. Is the earth, the speed of turning earlier? Stop?

"Why did you make it pink?"

I've always longed for the high tone, but someday, I'll do it someday. The black hair is easy and everyone says it looks good, someday, someday. I always stepped on the spot. It may be a little bit of my negative hollow. There is a time, so I wonder if this is the case! I have to purify it! I'm Pretty Cure! I made pink.

Perhaps it was an evil exorcism. It's really fun recently.

Everything is not good on the spot. If you raise your legs, you have to proceed.

That's why I will introduce items for the AW season!

I was going to swipe below the next, but I was going to lined up photos of cute clothes from Satoru Sasaki, but as I was looking at the photos this summer, I wanted to remember this summer a little more. Please associate a little more.

Alrand*・ ゜ ・*: .。..。.:*・ '(*゚ ▽ ゚*)' ・*.。. .。.:*・ ゜ ・*

(What? If you don't wear short sleeves ...?)

That is that. This is this. world. I have avoided simple styling with black hair so far, but it may be surprising after pink. The range of styling that can be enjoyed has expanded. It's fun to reflect directly according to the mood, hairstyle color, and makeup. (So ​​I want you to forgive)


(So ​​I want you to forgive)

It doesn't suit me. I don't suit me. I was self -suggesting and stepping on my feet, but I took my courage and put out one leg a little before now, and "Denim on white T". Then you can say that it looks great. There is nothing that traps your possibilities as you do not suit you. It should be the lines that have been told to people so far. Once again, I realized and convinced.

This is also what I noticed thanks to pink hair. Evil, I'm exorcism.


Also, I also did a barbecue*・ ゜ ・*: .。..。.:*・ '(*゚ ▽ ゚*)' ·*.。. .。.:*・ ゜ ・*

In such a time, there was no chance to drink until the morning, so this is already outside! I have to bake meat seriously outside! Let's burn meat seriously! I really baked meat.

My favorite friend.

"Let's cherish your favorite people"

The words that my favorite band said at the end of the live. Beyond the negative hollow, I switched to the theory of "go if I can go if I can go", "Let's go to see the person I want to meet" and I am a pull -wolta! It's more fun than before, I feel like I'm loving those who love it than before, and I feel that my love comes back and loves it. I feel that people who love them are more important than before. A 26 -year -old summer that was surprised. It's late ~~~. Nothing should be slow. It was a serious meat party (barbecue) that I wanted to cherish more than ever before, because I had been dazzling.


Meteor group / kalmia


The favorite band is Kalmia in Tokyo. Lyrics selection, mark, melody. It feels like a guitar guitar that contrary to the gentle voice of the vocal. I love all the songs and I love them as a band, but more than that. On the other hand, Kalmia's "Let's cherish your favorite people", who cares for people, so I think I was stuck in a negative Hollow.

It's important to meet people

In this age, it is sang loudly that it is correct to stay in the room, but it will break every day that you will only wear a room and wear it. So please come to Cedarwood. Please come to CEDARWOOD to meet people with extraordinary fashion. Before you become a negative hollow. Use cedarwood like that. We are sang and waiting for you.


"Well, the next Sazae -san (blog) Wow ~"

"Introducing SATORU SASAKI AW items!"
"Introducing SATORU SASAKI AW items!"
"Introducing SATORU SASAKI AW items! I will send it with three! Janken"

This blog was the next blog for the next blog. No way. You wanted to beat. Sometimes I can relax my shoulders and have such a blog. (So ​​I want you to forgive)

I'll make you look at you

(So ​​I want you to forgive)


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