The first brand.

good evening

If it was autumn, it was a little hot during the day
The evening was a little cool.
At night, it was suitable for a walk.

What a drink at night, drunk
This Osaka has a cheerful air under the elevated of Nakazaki -cho.
How about readers?

Every year, this time was when I was suffering from the remaining heat and was upset.
Only this year, the motivation for work is increasing.

This season, we had a collection full of challenging calories.
I am also dedicated to that enthusiasm.

By the way, today is the hottest now. The other day, the brand's first runway succeeded and made me feel regrettable.
I would like to introduce the brand's first ladies line from LittleBig.
LittleBig 21aw Look
The point is the pad and sleeves that are firmly on the shoulder like LittleBig, and the tack in the back.
A moderate design is added to the authentic tailored.
LittleBig worn image

A sense of balance that is not overdoing, not out of the tailored frame

A playful tailored jacket that is sophisticated as a fashion.


LittleBig worn image
LittleBig worn image
LittleBig worn image
LittleBig worn image
Moderate, long length
Creating the width of the body, the margin around the shoulders, and the space created when actually passing through the sleeves.
This exquisite adjustment is the true value of the brand.
A very beautiful silhouette is born.
LittleBig worn image
LittleBig worn image
LittleBig worn image
LittleBig worn image
LittleBig worn image
LittleBig worn image
LittleBig worn image
LittleBig worn image
Street fashion even up to luxury festivals
It's today to swallow.
I would like to propose a beautiful glowing tailored and slacks.

For your information.
Wearing staff height 163cm
・ LittleBig Straight Trousers Size: S COL: Black ¥ 38,500 (TAX IN)
・ LittleBig White Basic SH (Exclusive) Size: 1 COL: WHITE ¥ 35,200 (Tax in)
・ LittleBig Mohair Knit (Blue) Size: M COL: Blue ¥ 41,800 (Tax IN)
・ LittleBig Silk Tie Size: f COL: Black ¥ 13,200 (Tax IN)
・ Natural Instinct Element of Instinct Choker Size: S Composition: Silver ¥ 506,000 (TAX IN)

LittleBig(Little Big)
The designer is Keita Mawatari.
Considering the beautiful tailored jacket as everyday, we develop a collection that incorporates the culture element.

Did you know that the demand for tailored jackets in Japan has increased dramatically in recent years?

Those who know are fashion industry people or those who like fashion.

So why have the number of opportunities for setups and tailored in the city has increased so far?
I think it's the most tailored in the last 10 years, and I think this brand is the key player who has made Tailard everyday.

The word "tailored" exists in the concept of the brand
Tailard is an item that is the pillar of the brand,
It is a gem that shines the skills of designers and skilled craftsmen.

In particular, such as shoulder pads and total hair core (deputy materials in the previous view)
The casual jacket has a full -fledged tailored specification that you can never see.

Of course, even if you have a ladies line, it is alive.
The high -quality tailored is sublimated into the street with beautiful.

The ladies are by all means.

(I also recommend knits and shirts as well as tailored!)
LittleBig worn image