for example.


If there was something I wanted to say.

Is it the correct answer to tell it to people, or is it the correct answer?
What is it?
I think seriously about that.

I'm going to make a misunderstanding to people, I'm going to make a mistake
I feel like I'm always living with me.

Because I say only this, I was told that it would be difficult
But with the contradiction of wanting more people to wear clothes
Recently, I have a dilemma somehow.

What I want to say is sometimes different from people
I feel like I shouldn't say it.

Come here again. I thought the power of fashion was amazing.

Different from people! If it's fashion, you can say your heart.
I can see it with my eyes.

The words I want to convey are driven out of my head.

Styling image of Children of the Discordance
Beautiful original textiles are attractive
Children of the Discordance(Hereafter, Cotd) Smog hoody.
I've been better than before
With emblem using advanced embroidery technology
Boldly printed the old rug pattern.
Styling image of Children of the Discordance
Lipstop is used for the fabric, and the print is used with gradation and texture.
Like a camouflage. It is finished in an item that makes you feel more military.
Styling image of Children of the Discordance
It is to express military items with their own interpretation
In addition to vintage remakes and embroidery
It has a more presence in the collection of recent years, and it is a key item that cannot be removed for talking about cotd.
LOOK image of Children of the Discordance
The 21AW season theme "DAWN" means dawn.
There is no night that is not dawn.
Always turn forward and do not stop fashion.

In addition, the dawn is reversed and read as "U Map".
To spread the map and become a guideline for life.

It makes you feel such a strong will. A collection like a prayer.
It was an introduction of the first LOOK item.
(It's a different color, ...)
By all means.
・ Children of The Dawndic Rug Print Smock Parka Size: 2 COL: Gray ¥ 121,000 (Tax IN)

There are a lot of things I want to say and talk.

I can't say it.

I can't say it, it's hard to say.

However, there was a little discovery.
If you are writing this way.

In the first place, I want to suggest something different from people and fashion.
Is it natural that the way of thinking and values ​​differ from other people?

Go around to the starting point.
If you think it's refreshing and refreshed.
This time, I noticed the difficulty of expressing what I wanted to say in words.
This is the so -called swamp. Smile

But I have fashion.

By dressed as you like.
Clearly show your will to others.
He gave me that courage.

This is really nice.

Well, this is not only me, but surely.
Maybe everyone thinks so and doing fashion.


Suddenly, I'm writing down what I thought.
I can't go home due to heavy rain. One act at Cedarwood at midnight.
As expected, I will return before dawn ...
Then again.