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[The smell is reminiscent of various things. The way to remind you, without your head, gently made your palms and nose slowly and directly resonated with emotional emotions. ]
(Heaven / Mieko Kawakami)

This is a sentence that I have recently read.

It seems that the smell that causes the smell and emotions that leads to it is called a prouest effect, and the only sense of olfactory is directly connected to the limbic system that controls emotions such as instinctual behavior and emotional and emotions. It is said that it is easier to associate with emotion.

The theory that evokes memories and emotions by caught is "Ko".

I'm like a sentence of Heaven, a book of Murako Kawakami
I like the relationship between the smell and memory that makes my heart sloppy and Japanese romantic.


I still don't have my own smell that someone can remember, so with them. Also, with seniors who already have the smell that someone can remember. I'm going to look for my smell from now on.



A fragrance brand with a boutique from NY from NY. December 2007, 2007It started with the desire to make only one Christmas present in the world of friends.
The musician D.S. and the architect Durga collect the world's best ingredients and continue to create one and only luxury scent.

I don't know what's
The fragrance that becomes an enhancer, overlapping on the scent of D.S. & Durga alone.

I don't know what! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
As the name suggests, how many scents will be created depending on you, so I don't know what is! It is a scent. Put simply. Another simple thing is the scent that you can enjoy the scent layer.

So it is recommended for those who already have the smell that anyone can remember. On a day when I want to change my mood a little more than usual. It's always a breakfast, but today is a day. It's usually pants, but it's a skirt today. It's usually this road, but I wonder if I will go a little detour today. I wonder if I should buy meat buns.
Isn't it a little luxurious? I wonder if I would like to add a scent layer to one of the luxury.

Of course, it is a very good scent alone.

Top Notes: Bergamot Essence, Amber Note
Heart Note: Woody Note
Base Note: Animalic Note

The first impression is a little cleaner, but the first impression is a little cleaner, but it doesn't smell the citrus peculiar to Bergamot, and it looks like a wedding veil elegantly and fluffy. TOP NOTES refers to the scent that feels first (about 15-30 minutes) with perfume. From there, the scent that Heart Note and Top Notes feel slightly weaker will change to a scent that will give you a sense of security. Because it is a perfume that can be used as an enhancer, there is no big claim, but that is why it feels like a scent that enhances himself.


Rose Atlantic
Sintra summer wind, white lighthouse. A refreshing and gentle unisex rose. A refreshing floral, a rose scent that is easy to do with unisex.

Personally my favorite scent, rather than this scent, I want someone to remember myself. You can see what the scent is already. It is the scent of Fujiko Mine.
Top Notes: Bergamot, Floral Petal Acode, Lemon Oil
Heart Note: Linden, Salt Pre -Process Acode, Dune Glass
Base Note: Musk, Salt Water, White Moss

The first impression is sweet, not too sweet, and the floral scent is a personally fragrant impression, but it quickly blends into the body, and the guts are katsun, katun, katoon, and kat-tun. Every time you move your body from there, the scent of rose, which is gentle and bewitching, but the salt in Heart Note and Base Note, is not a bewitching rose that everyone envisions, but unpleasant bewitching. If you compare it, it's Fujiko Mine without skin exposure.

The Linden (Bodhi tree) flower used in HEART NOTE is a small yellow flower that blooms in summer. The flower language is "couple love" and "marriage". Jeus, who appears in Greek mythology, was impressed by the hospitality of a poor elderly couple who met on his travels and decided to fulfill his wish. The couple's wish is "I want to stay together even if I die." God Zeus turned his husband into oak trees, turned his wife into Linden, and snuggled up two trees.

Of course, you can wear it yourself, but Christmas right away. It is also recommended as an important scent (story) to be presented.


The cool scent like the wind that blows through the hill is a youthful spicy spice and green. Green leaf, cracked coriander seeds, mokuren scent, and fresh feeling.

I think that it is the easiest scent of D.S. & Darga, which is handled by CEDARWOOD, regardless of gender.

TOP NOTES: Russian Colorander, Pepper, Juniper Noodle
Heart Note: Geranium, Clove Stem, Clariseage
Base Note: Musk, Magnolia, Mace

The first impression is a refreshing and refreshing scent. As you can see in the explanation, the refreshing wind blows through the moment you wear it. The green scent that seems to be heard in the screams of birds, as if you are in the shade of a tree from there, will heal yourself and the people around you. It is such a scent.



It is difficult to convey the scent in sentences. Did it be transmitted somehow? I hope it is transmitted.

You can purchase D.S. & Darga products at the online store, but CEDARWOOD recommends purchasing after you have a tester once and return.

As the perfume components are divided into Top Notes, Heart Note, and Base Note, the scent changes as time goes on. The first impression is a very good scent! Even with tension Pou Pou Pou, it may become fragrant from the middle. Conversely, if you remember, "Oh, it was a good scent" just before you sleep at night, it's already fate. You should definitely make your scent.

It is not a famous book, "I think it's a serious love if I remember in the fitting room", but "I think you should definitely buy it if you remember before you sleep."

This time, only three kinds of perfumes could be introduced, but there are some perfumes that have not been introduced yet, so in the days when I can not go out easily, it is the last meeting of 2021. I would be glad if you could come to the store. I will give you about coffee.



Thank you for reading this time as well.
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