The eloquent valve is silver.

good evening

Last blogI am glad that is popular.

Even if there is a lot of things I want to convey
It cannot be conveyed just by interacting at the store.

I don't know how much to say.
I had a vague trouble

If possible, the readers of this blog
Those who are looking at us favorably
What you think (thinking)

I decided to do it from now on. Smile

I dare to explain the function of this blog here
Because I myself do not read the blog of other select shops.

You can read it.
I don't think anything will change.

Because we do what we like ourselves.

I'm not very good at calculating and strategies.

As it is.

I hope you know us in the text.

Of course, that is to the other two
If each personality comes out for good or bad.

If you can get it out.

I read my blog, but I don't read the other two blogs.

On the contrary, I just fly my time.

I wonder if that is fine.

A little sad. Smile

I'm a little lonely.

Still, I want to make it a place to display such a strong personality and will.

UJOH shirt
From UJOH.
Open color shirts with slits on the front are available.

UJOH shirt
Flap pocket with gusset.
Mannish that looks and hides a little in the elegance.
UJOH shirt
A light fabric that shakes every time you walk.
Various appearance depending on the inner. A wealth of variations are born.
UJOH shirt
The sleeves are double sleeves.
It is a detailed detail, but the way of directing the volume is
It doesn't end with just oversized.
A place where this shirt is difficult.
UJOH shirt
UJOH shirt
UJOH shirt
UJOH shirt
UJOH shirt
There are two points I thought I was good.
Actually, this shirt is not like UjOH.
Where I thought.

The first is color.
Coloring is not unusual.
There is nothing, but
It is rare to use pastel colors so far.

The second is the material.
This is made using a water -repellent material called dry taffeta.
It is unusual to use functional materials.
I see nylon and poly material by choosing a material with a mode feeling.
What does Ujoh use tech?
I wonder if high -tech materials are already in the mode world? And.
(The word "mode" here is the style of the 90s and 00s.
I want you to receive the mode in a narrow sense that I feel. )

The above two points.
I think Ujoh is making consistent clothes without the taste.
Sometimes an essence that doesn't look like a brand comes in.
A mysterious brand where the item is good or bad.
I talk about the story, but if I get a recognition in the cool, my generation will be bald. 。 。
If you are worried about my opinion about the mode, let's talk directly at the store.
UJOH shirt

This may not be necessary to say.

Thanks to the previous BLOG response, most of the products of ENSOU. Were sold out.

It's less than a week.
I'm not online shops, and I don't know what's in the store.

Even in such a situation.

I'm grateful, and I'll report it because it's a nice happening.
So why don't you say you don't have to say it?

I'm going to have someone who has been looking for ensou.
Because I am not.
If you only gave ENSOU.
A I want to eat a set meal for a long time. Like.
In addition, there are other B set meals and chef's whimsical set meals.
A whimsical pasta, a whim drink, and a whim salad.

Almost whim. Smile
But like that.
I wonder if you can choose clothes, such as mood and conversation tension.

However, as long as it is in this shop.
I would like to introduce as much as possible.

I dared to report that most products have disappeared.
Well, it's in the title.
In fact, in the past, silver was more valuable than gold.

Silence is gold, eloquent valve is silver.
There are words that they fall to talk.

nowadays. Well, what about?
The staff of the shop where I worked in the previous job
I'm doing Youtube.
Cedarwood and me appeared with afraid.
If you like this too.
No, by all means.