New Bag Brand "Sagan Vienna"

New Bag Brand “SAGAN VIENNA”の件
No ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's been a long time, and it's getting hot recently,
This angel has recently come to my house. I picked up Nora -chan born in the garage of my friend's parents' house. He is already full of slander, because he is still aware of sweet chewing and nails, but he licks it every day.
I would like to introduce the new CEDARWOOD in this timing when everyone's heart has become Kyuuuuu. Be careful not to lose your heart

Sagan Vienna

Bag brand from Austrian Vienna.
The brand concept is "Familiar Done Differently" (in different ways of showing well -known ones). The design concept of Sagan Vienna is functional and good quality. And there is a unique and relaxed elegance. History • A well -known thing is a new idea.
Accessories such as leather and metal fittings are made of carefully selected Italy, and produced by skilled craftsmen in Serbia and Spain, mainly in Austria. Vienna's traditional material is used for some classic items, which is a long -awaited person in the people.

New bag brand [Sagan Vienna] (Sagan Viena)
The brand from Vienna, Austrian, is the founder of Tanja Bradaric from Croatian and Taro Omae from Japan.
After gaining experience in various top maison, he established a brand. A sophisticated design that naturally blends into the clothes, even though it naturally blends into the style of the person who has it, and even if the style is good at all. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

"Today's coordination is perfect, but what should I do?"

I think everyone has experienced it once. This is exactly what you do not hide your head and hide your ass. You will only take care of your clothes and your hands will be neglected. Still, can you say loudly that you like fashion? Take this opportunity to hide your ass.



The opening and closing of the bag is a magnet. In addition, the gusset is solid, so even if you put your luggage in the bread, it will not lose its shape. Sagan is highly recommended for those who want to have a small bag but have a lot of luggage.

The length of the belt can be adjusted according to the style balance of the day.



This is also a magnet for opening and closing the bag. Not only for those who have a lot of luggage, but especially for those who carry PCs and materials for work. Contains 13.3 inches and A4 size files of Apple Mac.

What makes me happy is that there is a separate removable cover so that the shoulder does not hurt even if you put a lot of luggage. There is a lot of bags saying, "It's so cute but it's not easy to use." That's, of course, cute, but you're a bag. It is a story that no cat does not ring.

The belt is also removed and can be used as a handbag.

Unlike clothes, I don't think it's hard to have a bag that is different for a week, so I'm glad that one bag can hold 2 -way.


VIENNA SHOPPER BAG S (Nero-Rattan Beige)

It is the largest capacity of the Rattan series currently being handled by CEDARWOOD, and it can be squeezed and closed like a drawstring.

The design surrounded by Rattaan around the round, the type that is closest to the "basket bag". So it may be a little difficult to use it all year round, but I think this child is the most familiar in the summer style and the cutest summer style.

The belt is also removable here, and the length of the belt itself can be adjusted.

When you hear it as a basket bag, the bag itself is woven with a basket, isn't it? I think it is a bag with the most suitable style in the bag. However, this child is leather in the bag itself, so she suits any style without being too cute. If you say, cute.



Some children have not yet been introduced, but how was it? You want to hide your ass. Sagan for a good woman, not a gold stick for a demon. You can see sagan on blogs and online shops, but I would like you to actually pick it up. The demon trembles, "That child photo is so cute, but in fact," the opposite of the phenomenon is "Eh, raw is many times more cute ..."

Please come to the store loud! It is under the situation that I can not say that, I forcibly made something that I had to do in Nakazaki -cho, and accidentally passed in front of cedarwood, said, "I came a little closer." Please open.


How do you fix the kitten's chewing habit?


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