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I think it's hot, and I'm in trouble with the noisy weather in the strong wind and heavy rains.
It is How are you all, everyone?


In the summer, I suddenly wondered how many time I was wearing. I don't wear short sleeves! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! became. Of course, I don't like the style of wearing a T -shirt with a lot of sloppy, but this summer is either long -sleeved or sleeveless. Maybe you became an adult. I no longer choose short sleeves.

& Recently, my favorite style is wearing a sleeveless and putting on long -sleeved items from above with a little shoulder.

(Just the other day's plain clothes styling)

Even if I said that I was no longer a short sleeve, I was an adult, I couldn't stop the men's -like loose style. Even if you put on a very large item, you can only see the skin a sleeveless on the inner, you can see the skin a little, it doesn't look heavy at all, and even though it's a men's -like, you can get a glimpse of femininity. I am. Moreover, it can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, and it is no longer the strongest.


The sleeveless is from EICA YOSHINARI
Cotton Linen Lame Tank (Silver)

Knit camisole with a soft material.
It is very useful because the luxurious glitter fabric with a fine glossy luster establishes femininity even when combined with a street item.

The metallic color is a bit difficult to get out of hand, or the resistance of being able to wear it only when you are young, so you can't wear it many times because you have an impression. To be honest, there was a part that I was worried about, but the idea of ​​Omeger has disappeared at once through the sleeves through the EICA YOSHINARI's lamecamosole.

This lamecamol is well adopted by trends, but with a focus on fabrics, silhouettes, and designs in anticipation of wearing a long time. Anyway, there is a metallic color, there is no overdoing feeling, so you can wear it comfortably. Oh myger was really done.

The design with rough chest is also characteristic. I often match the bra top when I wear it with a lame camissol alone, and I enjoy the feeling of the bra top color because the lame camissol Silver is so compatible with various colors.

The rough thing is to bring it to the layered. I thought I would say ~ ~ ~. I will say ~~~.

Also match it with a T -shirt. Whatever you want to match with the tank top. When it gets warm, adjust it to the turtleneck knit. You can enjoy how to match only you.

You have no choice but to get it. I also bought it. What should I wear this summer other than this lame camissol! I'm wearing it.

Huh, it's so cute.

It's still a hard time going out. It's a holiday! ! ! ! I can't go out casually, so I'm going to go for a little coffee. Shall we go to a slightly big supermarket to buy ingredients? Let's go only to watch movies. I think you have such a holiday. What I felt like I was on such a holiday, isn't it more cold than usual? I went out immediately and said, "It's hot." If you think, you will enter the room immediately and say "Hello cold".

The sleeveless & long -sleeved haori style is just right for such times of SUMMER, and it is really Onume.


Somehow it was like a recent purchase product, but I don't want to hit it. All right? After all, I am really good! I want to share what I felt, and I want you to know. (I want you to tell me something good on the contrary.) (Do you know a good lotion because the mask is terrible recently?)

That's why I would like to introduce one song that was wonderful to Omager in the song I recently heard.

Let me down / the edgy

Huh, it's so nice.

Every Single Night is Longer Than Life.
(One night is longer than a lifetime)

, ... is that so? Is that so?
Then it's invincible.

In a lifetime, it's a life that is worried about my life (for a lifetime) for a lifetime. Look. Ask what you want to be in the future if you are aware of it. What do you choose for club activities and what do you do for high school exams? What do you live and eat rice? But I have a lot of nights than I have been worried for a lifetime. So, isn't that invincible?

So, instead of spending the night to live a meaningful life, spending a night one night will make your life wonderful. What? hey. I can't say it well, but since my recent mind was just like this, I listened to this one song and became a more o -mailiger, so I introduced it.

One night (life) Age



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