Think about URIG.


good evening

The other day, I went to Kyoto to see the stage.

Too novel expression
I'm confused for about 10 minutes.

After that, I was drawn in at once.

To perform, the difficulty of visualizing "literature".

This is "theater".

I was struck by an excellent expression beyond imagination.

After all it is useless in videos, and it is useless even if other theatrical companies do the same performance.
It is worth seeing these people's acting.
I felt I was able to see the creativity of the theater.

It's a little different from theater
Because CEDARWOOD is a shop that sells and sells art works.
If you are worried, please visit us regularly.

Of course, just watching is OK!

Surely, you should be able to discover new in yourself.


By the way, as in the title, CEDARWOOD is the first URIG (Urich) 21AW
I would like to talk a little.

Lightweight check shirt.
I feel that this kind of shirt is a flannel fabric or a little more heavy ounce.
It is moderate, fleshy, and can be put on the light.

Product image of URIG

The length is short for the width of the body.
Sometimes on a shirt, sometimes blouson.
Very all -purpose first place.

Product image of URIG

Next is the denim jacket.
13.5 oz thick denim jacket.

The neck is a refreshing stand color.
The pocket is round pocket.
Lagran sleeve in thick armholes.

At first glance it looks rugged.
However, there is a lot of goods.

Product image of URIG

Those who are tired of orthodox denim jackets.
A perfect item for those who are not good at that American design.

Product image of URIG
Product image of URIG
Product image of URIG

I wanted to wear a conventional denim jacket, but it didn't work.
I feel like I'm addicted.
So this may be an item for experts who have seen various clothes.

By the way, what is the Tomason that sticks to the head of the items you care about?
It was made without meaning in the building.

A design that is hard to say.
This is what is originally needed and made into a useless long thing.

Product image of URIG

why? Is the stairs in a place like this?
It continues without the second floor, or in a position where you can not climb because it is far from the floor.

Product image of URIG

Game pocket designed on the back (hunting pocket for putting prey)
The round pocket lurking in a manly design is exactly the details like Tomason.

The set -up denim pants are actually so.
Three -tack specifications up to a thick silhouette and over
A design that is hard to say that the carrassing of taking out is necessary.

Product image of URIG

Design from the concept.
The concept from the design.
A concept that is essential for modern art and works.

Speaking of which, URIG designers
Speaking of this brand, it's not a standard product like. Eh, this item? And
Is this shape even though it is a military thing? It's like always wearing items like this.

I like such a strange kind.
Like always collecting unique items.

Such a style that conquers my way
I feel like the roots that are inherited by my own brand.
Never too unusual.
Exquisite and smart.
The URIG item feels the "removal" and "goods" of Shioume.

It is also related to the stage that I talked about at the beginning.

What is the meaning of you playing?
What is the meaning you make?

For the question.
After all, the viewer and the wearer are most convinced

It is at the root of yourself.
I want to express it strongly. I personally think that the creator is really attracted to what is born.

Or rather, I want to think so. Smile

It's purely fun!
The pure feeling is also brilliant.
I want to see something deeper.

I was kneaded. Crystals.
I want to see a live work.

The URIG brand is a brand that has just begun
The designer likes clothes and likes it.
I want to make it. It was said that the urge could not be suppressed.
You can enjoy a strong initial impulses.
Recent fashion has been rut
It is a brand I would like to recommend to those who go around the clothes.

I'm sure you can meet the clothes you want to wear now.

For your information.
Wearing staff height 166cm 50kg

Product image of URIG
① Styling item
・ URIG CHECK CPO Jacket Size: 1 COL: RED ¥ 39,600 (TAX IN)
・ Sugarhill Faded Over All Size: 0 COL: FADE ¥ 86,900 (TAX IN)

Product image of URIG

② Styling item
・ URIG THOMASSON DENIM PANTS SIZE: 1 COL: indigo ¥ 37400 (Tax in)
・ Steaf Vest Shirt Size: M COL: BEGE ¥ 29,700 (TAX IN)


"Lustiger Nachbar"

With the expansion of the suddenly appearing infectious disease, the opportunity to go in a good mood has decreased.

If you don't live together, you won't be unable to meet your family and friends, but you won't even be able to pass by your neighbors.

If you don't meet, you can't meet you again, and you'll be recognized again about the importance of what was natural.

In my neighborhood, there were many people who were strong in the memory of childhood.
[Lustiger Nachbar (strange neighbor)] is used as the theme of this theme, considering the neighbors who have met with such multiple.

Again, we live with a kind of neighbor called "clothes".

While having a casual face, look into a little strange part.
People who burn their eyes from the moment they see are also good. People who feel uncomfortable casually are also good.

I hope that the world where such neighbors can go out will come as soon as possible.

Designer Ayakiyoshi Aya