Almost memo


GW is over in mid -May, how are you all going?

I was in a position to welcome everyone who is enjoying the GW, so I was standing on Cedarwood with the feeling that I would like to extend the feathers of the tired people at work. It's almost a yuya, a pillow of Sen and Chihiro.

No, no, everyone who enjoyed the GW was not visible!
Piyopiyo Piyopiyo in sightseeing spots and towns, Piyopiyo Piyopiyo,
No, it's never because everyone looks like this! never!

I took a day off and went to see the best band live. The lingering sound of the day is terrible, and I'm going to hit this overflowing feeling and emotions, and I'm hitting the keyboard now.

I'm sorry to say Piyopiyo Piyopiyo. I would be grateful if I could divide Piyopiyo's time a little more.

Soul Food presents "Sayuke! Bandman!"

Osaka Castle Music Hall is the tour final of the SUPER BEER ROCK BAND "Soul Food" formed by the Kansai live house staff. SUPER BEER ROCK BAND "Soul Food" has great support from bandman, live staff and music officials.

Moreover, bandman and live house staff cost 1000 yen for tickets. Not only customers who like music, but bandman, live house staff, you will definitely come! Absolutely see us on this day! What? It's a personality of "Soul Food". I saw the best 2022.05.05. (In the velver).


It was actually there today,
"Is your job only here (cedarwood)?"
"I usually work in a live house."
"Eh, the occupation is completely different ~ Do you have a chance to start working in a live house?"


I wasn't originally a band, I didn't like the band, I liked live, so I didn't go to a live house. The first reason I went to the live house was common, and he was a bandman. He went to a live house for the first time to see the person. It's very embarrassing to remember now. She's a mess and enters the venue at the last minute of her turn. I was waiting for the turn, because I didn't like the band at that time. But I came across a band that changed my life. It was before his former band, it was shocking, all the images of the band in me collapsed. I can't explain it well if I was told what collapsed and what was reconstructed. The live time is 30 minutes, only 30 minutes, but it has been enough to change my life.

From there, it's not here. I was looking at the next live information without such a care, even though I should have come to see his live show. So, when I noticed, I went to Kanazawa to watch the live.

It's about four years ago, just when I quit a regular employee of a visual trainer and changed it to a part form. The timing when I was worried about what to do, though I changed it to a part form. This is it! It was. So, when I noticed, I was interviewing a live house. I wanted to see the world I didn't touch in my life.


But I am currently working in a live house.


The band, which changed my life in 30 minutes (in a good way), was also appearing in the best 2022.05.05 Osaka Castle. That is the band called Lacco Tower in Gunma.


"Who is your superhero!"

Soul Food was shouting.

The emergency declaration is dawn, and you can gradually drink alcohol with your shoulders, and you can listen to it in a vicin, a venue full of friends. What I can be in such a happy space as "me". LACCO TOWER, who jumped into such a warm world, was my superhero, watching the live of soul food and raising the empty beer cans.


I don't particularly say what I want to say or what I want to tell. However, I wanted to write down what I was now and what I felt when I saw the best 2022.05.05. that's all. It would be nice if you were a third party to see the array of the words spelled like this notes and feel something well. I don't know if it is in the arrangement of the character I spell.


Do you have a superhero?
I can't say that it's a superhero, but I hope CEDARWOOD is something you like.


Bandman 10 singing by Soul Food
1. I love music
2. Love the live house
3. Take care of your friends who have made a van
4. You should fulfill your promise of reunion with your friends
5. If you have friends alone, you should be excited
6. A toast with a launch with a friend who fights together
7. Continue to convey love to loved ones
8. Thinking of those who love music without being trapped in the shape
9. Don't be impatient, not rot, believe in your music
10. You should survive this era

Bandman looks cool ~
I can only blow recorders.



While borrowing Piyopiyo's time, I can't end up with my personal story, so I'll introduce a wonderful bag. Thank you for a long time.

- Sagan Vienna -

Triptych Bag Shoulder Strap: Option C (Black)

Triptych Bag Shoulder Strap: Option C (Green)
* Sold out will be restocked at the beginning of June!

It is a BAG notation, but it is a wallet with a strap.

The temperature is completely warm, the clothes are lightly dressed, and it is only a gal that has become troublesome to have a large bag. I want to have a small bag, but I'm lamenting that there is no room to enter if I put my wallet. In the summer, a gal lamented that if you have a mobile phone with a beer in one hand in one hand, you can't have a wallet. A special wallet has arrived.

COW LEATHER is very soft, so it is easy to put money in and out, and the size is small, so it will not get in the way even if you hang it from your shoulder, so you can keep hanging all day long. (The owner also has the same wallet, but I've been hanging it all the time.) The part that hits the shoulder is switched to leather instead of a chain, so there is no pain in the shoulder.

How are you all the gals looking for your wallet?



Thank you for reading the blog spelled out this time.

"I hope you can see the array of the characters spelled like this notes and feel something good. But. "



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