We exchanged a little short words.


What do you think?
To the brand with a designer.

How do we accept this fact?













There was only one thing I wanted to hear.

[Do you continue to make this thing and do something new? ]

It's about reviving old clothes
For a big concept.
To recreate something that exists.
For that intention.

Then the designer looks a little suspicious

[I will update what I made in the future.
I want you to just get the clothes. ]

I couldn't forget his face at that time.

However, such questions gradually diminish.
The items I got were not just old ones.

Chew slowly.

A number of creators were based.

Clothes you've seen somewhere.

I was just starting to feel the thoughts of the creator.

The more you look at it.
The more you get it, the more.
The passion for an unnamed masterpiece is transmitted from clothes to hand.









And I heard the news from the showroom and the design team.

While rumoring the content that was conveyed quickly.

The back of his throat became hot.

His swallowed saliva is bitter.

Oh, this is a well -known phenomenon.

I can't say I'm sorry when I feel regrettable.
With a lot of emotions that can't be done.
The moment I felt a tremendousness.

The name of regret.

I think I wanted to listen to the story more now
I wanted to convey more than that.
You can understand what you wanted to say.

There, his face floats again.
Then, the screen over 2 scrolling words overflowed on the screen.
I buried it, but look back. Immediately erased everything.

I decided to stop saying something that was selfish.

However, now I want to tell the clothes left by designer Takahashi, Takahashi.

Takahashi's brand will be taken over by the team.

Based on the huge vintage archive left by designers and thousands of memos.

So I'm going to end today.
The clothes left by the deceased are near us
That will will continue to be passed down.