New handling brand "HOGA"
Pop Up in Cedarwood

This time, this time, I have no longer my long personal feelings, and I will introduce HOGA's wonderful clothes.


Oh, let me say this.
I like the most Mayo comones among the stories of converted sushi, but I like it as much as it starts with a maya compact and ends with a maya comone. A story about finding a treasure at a convenience store I stopped by before work.

I ate while being told next to me.

Okay, I believe that these children will be saved if only I know the charm of mayo comones. To tell your loved ones your love and believe in yourself. I'm not eating mayon for you, so it's here. (By the way, Young Corn is also called a treasure)


By the way, take care of Houga, Houga


Oh, by the way, Speaking of "love"

I think there are various shapes in love and there are various ways to convey it, but I think that the medium that is the easiest to convey love is a souvenir. "Souvenirs" are generally called "I thought of you even in a place where you are not," "I want you to think of your face, imagine your happy face, and want to be happy." I think I call it.

I was just talking to the owner while preparing for HOUGA POP UP. The most happy souvenir (love) recently is that a lover who woke up in the morning and went to a convenience store to buy a cigarette, worked hard today and gave me a souvenir (love) of chocolate and coffee.


Oh, not so, houga, houga

A while ago, I was addicted to making hot cakes with breakfast. How to make and ingredients are written on the back of a hot cake powder bag? That milk column. If you add 50ml more than the notation ML, it will be baked neatly.




There are signs that moe come out. It is my possibility that appears ahead of all binding and restrictions.
HOUGA is not the clothes of the people in this world.
From the fantasy of inconvenience in the frame to the real real world where freedom in me was released.
It's fun in my heart, but it's hard to live.
I return to my own place. From the fictional world where you are living now, it connects to my original world.
Ageless, genderless, stressless.
HOUGA dresses praise you. Design such five senses and experiences.
What kind of country is your country?

Unlimited freedom.
To the country of HOUGA.

“Unbirthday Party Dress”

I sprout 364 days for 365 days.
365days a year Sprout.
Dresses that Release My True Self.


Log-House Dress (WHITE) / HOUGA


Easy care leisure dress using cotton nylon twill. A curved skirt, a large three -dimensional breast pocket, a large three -dimensional chest pocket. It is a dress full of femininity, which is very impactful and full of femininity. What I'm happy with is a slit pocket on both sides! It's the best.

While spelling, it became Sold Out.
Most of this POP UP will be available in each one, so if you have any items you are interested in, we recommend that you consider it as soon as possible. Fate will not wait.


Kiki Dress (GREEN) / HOUGA

One piece that I want to get the most bride in this face arrangement.

An easy -to -use an easy -to -handed dress using a nylon lonafta with a sense of washer processing. Even though I am not good at high neck, the high neck of this design has no disgusting feeling, and rather than a high neck, the neck has a volume. No, that's right. How to explain this difference?

, can you forgive the pineapple in the vinegar pork?

I don't mean I can't forgive it at all, but I don't need it? A group. The high neck is the same as the pineapple in the sour pork. I don't mean I don't wear it, but I don't wear it much. But the feeling of this one -piece neck is pineapple. Not a pineapple in the vinegar pork, but a pineapple. Moreover, among the pineapples, the pineapple sold at the opening of the summer festival. That pineapple looks delicious. That was so different.

When I wore a high neck, my neck looked short, and the round face was even more prominent (only for the neck), but the volume around the neck of this dress is good. I feel that my face looks small, rather than pineapple.

Because it is a very light fabric, the skirt that shakes according to the movement is also wonderful. As the name suggests, it's like a skirt that shakes when the witch's courier Kiki is flying in the sky on a broom. Even a witch wants to wear a colorful dress.


This time, we have introduced two nice dresses, but we are still preparing wonderful clothes, so I hope you can check them online and online.

I am astonished to write a sentence, or compose a sentence, so I am a little worried about it, but I would like to introduce HOUGA's wonderful clothes soon. I would be glad if you could take a peek again.

(By the way, the beginning of the blog will be derailed with a mess, but it is a pretend to be a mess.

Please note that POP UP is until 6/5 this weekend.

Photo by by by @ogaaa_mi
Hair & Makeup by @ayumi_tarutani
Models @patu_rate & @nn98999133


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