Who dedicates?

誰が 捧げる 誰に?
Eri Ueno will be held today at CEDARWOOD in February


Who dedicated

It is information.
After gaining adult experience, including production
She graduated from the Nagoya University of the Arts Western Art Science Department in 2019.
She draws a scene, movie, and news programs that have been illegally uploaded on YouTube.
Art work by Eri Ueno Ueno
TITTLE: "Red curtain"

A lowly act of illegally voyeuring the art of the stage.
However, it sublimated very human -like actions as a beautiful work.

Ueno -san's work sneaks into the stage sleeves, and the innocence looks like a child.
In addition, there is an intelligence like an observer and critic who is enthusiastic from the second floor seat in the back of the theater and looks calmly watching the stage.

Below is the caption at Ueno's this exhibition.


Who dedicated
"Tell me, who was dedicated to me before calling us as the servant? And who thinks, who will make you eternal in your age?" 。

"Who is dedicated to who?", Which one is you?

Am I dedicated to you as a painter?
The lined picture enhances holidays and makes you a cultural art.

Or are you dedicated to me as an audience?
The work requires attention.
If you don't, you can't be a (non -proclaimed artist. "

Still, which one is blessed and spoken forever?

No one knows. I can't decide. You and I can't see the future.

So why are I painting like an idiot?
There are many reasons, money, want to be famous, I want to be evaluated, many others.

All of the reasons for all may be my delusion.


Who dedicated

“Tell me, Before You Call Us Servants, Who Served Whom? And Who I Wonder, In Your Generations, Will Imortalize You?”

“WHO SERVED WHOM?”, You and I, Which Is Which?

Am I Serving You as A Painter?
My WORKS MIGHT ENTERTAIN YOUR HOLIDAY, Make You a Cultural Artsy Person.

Or Else, Are You Serving Me as an Audience?
My Paintings Need Your Attension.
It's iMPossible to Declare "An Actual Artist" Without Your Presence.

THEN, WHICH IS Going to Be Cherished, Remembered Forever?

No One Knows. It ’s not for me to decide. The Future is not OURS to see.

So, I'm Painting Like A Fool for What Cause?
THERE ARE Many Causes, Money, Recognition, Reputations, and So ON.


that's all.

What should I be?
Who are you?

A problem that everyone suffers. What is the meaning of life?

The writer's delusion (conflict) has a lot of effects on the work.

Rather, it is the driving force to make the work. I think it will be something to drive someone.

What makes the writer themselves?
There must be a viewer (others) of the work.

If there is no other person, the writer will not be able to claim an artist
A feeling of emptiness that no one can be.

Ueno is appealing through his work.
TITTLE: "Red curtain"
  TITTLE: A production scenery of "Red Curtain".
Ueno -sanSNSQuote from.

Writer and work. Works and ornaments. A viewer and writer.
The correlation that swirls the writer is strange and can be replaced with our lives.

It's a family, a friend, and a lover.

By being needed by someone nearby
You can strongly recognize your existence.
You can be yourself.
So I just want someone to think like this
People can change. It is human diversity.

People have the fundamental desire to be needed.
That is said to be a desire for approval.
I want to be the person needed to meet it.
What someone needs is a job and forms a human society.
I am now because someone needs it.
It blends into society.
I have a job and a place to live.
You can live as a matter of course, happy, nothing but a special person.
I can be me.
Art work by Eri Ueno Ueno
Title: "Brave"

But one terrible question is born.



Isn't he a performer who lives on his own stage?

I want to quote Wild words here.

Most people live the life of others.
Their thoughts are someone's opinion.
Their passion is someone's quote.
Their life is someone's imitation.

that's all.

Who is the true self?
Who are I and who are you?
When the border between others and your own becomes crazy
My own existence seems eerie.

Even here, even bring out quotes.
The existence of others is quietly behind me.

Art work by Eri Ueno Ueno
Title: "Welcome"

Who dedicated
2/12 (Sat.) --3/6 (Sun.)



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