Let's say

Long time no see.

This is the announcement of the event this weekend.
Look image of Fujimoto.


22-23Aw Moa Variation and 23SS pre-order event
It will be held.
Until 11/5-6, designers will also come to Osaka.
I want to set up a place for harmony.

This is the first FUJIMOTO. Event nationwide.
A bell telling the beginning of a bright and hope of a journey.
I am very happy to make it sound with everyone.
Look image of Fujimoto.
Look image of Fujimoto.
Look image of Fujimoto.
Look image of Fujimoto.
Look image of Fujimoto.
Look image of Fujimoto.
Look image of Fujimoto.

Well, this blog after a long absence.


The reason why I felt it was needed was a mountain of books loaded at the exhibition of FUJIMOTO.
Pure literature, essay, poems, their commentary, ...

The theme of this season is from Memorial by Kenji Miyazawa (1934)
[Farewell] for the title

While exchanging words with designer Kyohei Fujimoto.

Fashion for Mr. Fujimoto has always been a longing
It was a close being, but he felt like a lonely presence that he could never get.

But that's not an exclusive meaning.
It is not simply a fashion -like sense.

No one is recognized. It's spicy. Shout. To that voice.

Well, are you too?
Actually, I was so.

I want to give a word that claims a bright hope.

The strength of dwelling in the kindness that can snuggle up to minor ideas.
If you can feel the context behind the clothes, ...

I thought so.

In words. It is important to explain.
I think the essence of fashion is in a place where you can't express it in words.

Characters. Stranding like a thin thread
A story that is woven by the clothes that carefully spun it.

Fujimoto -san. In words.
This clothes that could not be expressed other than fashion.
When we felt with the five senses.
Excitement of emotions that cannot be explained in words
You can touch something that doesn't require words.

For each, I hope that it will be such a week.
Also online at 19:00 on 11/5
22-23AW I want to post all models.

Then again, soon.