A person who sows seeds. (Part 1)

Good evening.

Another brand I really want to introduce.

Handling started with this 22-23AW
SasquatchFabbrix. (Sasked Watch Fabric.

Started the brand in 2003 by designer Daisuke Yokoyama.
Fashion is a strong reflection of the people of the times, and I think it should be.
It must always be avant -garde.
In order to express our "fashion", we set a strong theme for that era, and
We repeat the avant -garde and "playful" clothes while repeating classical affirmation and denial.
SASQUATCHFABRIX. Official homepageThan.

It is a legendary Japanese brand that has collaborated with Supreme and Steese as soon as possible.
I don't need to explain it
It is a well -known and great brand.

The history of purchasing saskes is different from other brands
Sometimes there are no men's select shops where friends work.
We will trade in the form of taking over to CW.

He is selling in Tokyo now
A friend for 10 years to excite fashion in Osaka
With the passionate talks.

I want to excite. So
It may be captured to mean an enthusiasm that makes you play music.
His impression of his brand is a faithful spontaneous of the creator who conveys the charm of the brand as accurately as possible.
That is a frank impression.
His customer service is soaked in knowledge, dressing, and good personality.
It was supported by many people and it was just charismatic.
He can take over this brand in Osaka
I'm confident that I don't have anything other than me
In fact, on the other hand, I also feel great responsibility.
His existence is a big one in me, both as a friend and the same salesperson buyer.
Above all, he had an ideal and pride who wanted to do his own baying.
So even if you can't do it like him
I would like to convey the goodness of the brand in a different way.
By the way, here are some of my personal opinions about the brand and the theme of this season.

The first 12-13AW collection felt the impact of the sask.
I was still a student at that time
In the middle of the evolving Tokyo fashion, under the influence of Uronhara.
I just felt the heat of that heat.

Tokyo brand. The chaos that can affect the world's fashion just by saying that, and the uplifting at the same time.
Among them, the existence that came out was Susque.

A collection of Japanese culture and foreign culture is announced one after another.
It was established a unique standing position that gave a unique from among the many Tokyo brands.

After that, even after the heat of Tokyo fashion calmed down
With a free expression method without breaking the avant -garde stance
We still continue to announce attractive collections.

Past collection.
SasquatchFabbrix. 15-16AW LOOK image
SasquatchFabbrix. 12-13AW LOOK
Fashion Snap DotcomThan

By the way, why did you want to start sasking with CW now?
It's a brand I liked in the past.
Because I was introduced.
Not only.
2020. The world has been closed once.
In a society full of information, I felt like the world was opened, and rather approaching me.
The moment the world is absorbed in due to the spread of infectious diseases.
Like once again noticed the kindness and importance of people nearby.

With the disappearance of human interaction, interest in distant foreign countries has diminished.
I was interested in the inner world.
Fashion and art are folk crafts and crafts. Buddhist temple in Japanese painting.
There are so many excellent works in our familiarity
It must have been nearby.
I was too close and noticed that I had been postponed.
I guess there is a beauty feeling that can only be understood by grew up in Japan.
In Japan today, making things that follow Japanese culture. How many clothes exist.
How many people are in the city?

Now the world is open again
What do we need for our fashion in the future?
What do you really need to value?
Isn't it okay to reconsider Japanese culture as a Japanese?

It may be because of your age, but you want to send your country's culture both domestically and overseas.
Is it a talent to better understand Japanese culture because you are Japanese?
I thought that my skills were more than in other countries.

Of course, there was a timing when there were people to introduce.

And above all, what is fashion that you want to wear today and want to wear it tomorrow?
Even in light of that point
It is a colorful reflection of the air of the times, and we can appeal to the potential aesthetics of Japanese people.
As far as I knew, it was only sask.

It is essential to select this brand with CW
I think it's very meaningful to be lined up in the store right now.

Actually, I wanted to write about the theme of 22-23AW this season, "Take care of the workers".
It's too long, so today is around here.

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