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There is nothing in the world. I often say
If you verify this logically
You can see that there is something that is said to be absolute in the world.

To prove that there is absolutely no absolute
I have to assume that there is absolutely nothing in the world
The existence of this assumption itself. = Because you have to deny absolute nature.

This is similar to the "liar paradox", and the liar that is absolutely a lie is "I am a liar."
The moment you say, your existence will be inconsistent.
It is a philosophical problem.

Immediately after hearing this story
I felt stuffy

After reading Ango's fallen theory, it became darker.

If you unravel the history
Absolute existence always tries to stand on people and do their best.
The fact that such a feudal system has been defeated many times and has a defect as a system.
Some, half proven. (I don't know from now on)

Also, along with [Absolute], the word that makes me anxious is [normal].
usually. The word is a very scary word.
I think it's an act of pushing my absolute to others.
Rather, it is better to have the disease of [normal] rather than [absolute]
It has become severe until it is not recovered without noticing.
[Absolute] I guess [normal] is lurking for more people than
It depends on the suspicion recently.

However, when you have absolute existence in front of you
I think people are creatures that want to live against [Absolute].

I dare want to find a person who is absolutely correct

Laughing is coming up in a space where silence is maintained

I like things that are a little gray than black ones.
It is not too crisp to wear black denim a little
Because it blends well with other items.

What I want
It may be in the gradation.

At the end of the gradation is the margin.
I think the margin is a moment when everyone can enjoy freedom.

This time, I took a picture to hold a FUJIMOTO event.

Because designer Fujimoto said that he wanted to show how to make space in CW.
Have a space create
Mr. Ikegami, a photographer, said he wanted to make his work together. (By the way, both are names today)

Leave your hair and makeup to the one that always cooperates.

There are many models in life.

There is nothing specific.

Each is just a combination of answers
Here is a very simple photo.

FUJIMOTO product photo
FUJIMOTO product photo
FUJIMOTO product photo
FUJIMOTO product photo
FUJIMOTO product photo


FUJIMOTO product photo
FUJIMOTO product photo
FUJIMOTO product photo

Others add interpretations to what the creators made
A little margin is born in the gap between all actions
There is a lot of room to feel gives birth.

In the fallen theory, Ago quotes Hideo Kobayashi's words.
"There is nothing like the beauty of flowers with beautiful flowers."
This one theory itself seems to be a very beautiful word.

However, from Ango's point of view
The sensitivity that feels the beauty of flowers is beautiful.
For those who have no unattended point. There is no way to know the beauty of flowers in those who know absolutely.

Yes, people just look at flowers.

Well, how about this finished photo?

I think it's a good story anymore.
No matter how you feel, you are free.

For @fujimoto_____
Photo by by by @ikegamikyohe Hair & Makeup by @______soichi Model @uechidesu