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Good evening.
You may have forgotten it because it's been a long time.

I am in charge of buying and important missions.
This is this.

Speaking of missions, the monument of jump manga.
It's a generation that recalls NARUTO
The other day, I was ranking Naruto's quote with my friends.

Among them, what was impressive was this scene, which appeared early in the story.
(I'm sorry, I tried over and over again. The image is on the left)

It may not come to the point of the person who has not read the manga
The protagonist is Naruto.
Anyway, a ninja who falls down.
Naruto, a sad boy who can't be distracted by the mischief
It is a moment when the teacher who forgives the heart is recognized for the first time.

This is the first episode of volume.

In this way, Naruto gave birth and was a masterpiece.
It's a storm of quotes.

Click here for the quotes I choose. These words about Might Guy's disciples (a lifetime, youth school)
This word for a disciple who has no talent as a ninja but works hard without giving up.
Darkness. lol
I want to devote it to everyone who is driving it now.

I think everyone thinks that it is necessary to make a vague effort.
So, should I make an effort? Is it great?
It is natural to make an effort. More importantly, believe in yourself.

While doubting yourself.
No one will accept the hard work of those who have betrayed a little.

Believe in the people and things you believe and proceed.
What do you want and what do you want to get?
I think it is important to believe that it is tomorrow's self that grasps the dazzling hope.

Everyone who works hard every day.
When I'm tired, I hope you read Naruto and get a little bit of yourself.

You want to get your efforts. Because you should be tomorrow.

Nobuyuki matsui styling image
Nobuyuki matsuiWhat tells me
The clothes always have two aspects.

Beautifully decorated (fashion) clothes must be a crafts that blends into your life.

The art of art in the clothes.

It's not just a cloth to go outside.

He was backed by a certain technology.

Works like traditional crafts.
Modern Arts and Crafts.

Antises for mass production and mass consumption.

Nobuyuki matsui styling image
I entered from the introduction of the royal road manga.
Fashion tends to be more niche than the royal road.

However, if the royal road leads to mass consumption
Perhaps the change of that fate is a matter of consciousness of each shop like us and those who buy it.

 Nobuyuki matsui styling image
Nobuyuki matsui styling photo

I said something difficult, but after all, fashion.
Color the appearance. I stick to it. Egoism.

yes. But fashion.
Depending on the viewer, it is made like a craft.

The background is out of the way.
The right view is precise.
Making a brand that has a reputation for tailoring.

Oh, I have to look closely.
I don't know unless I wear it.

Oh, and I don't deny purchasing on the EC site.

However, please take a closer look when it arrives after purchase.

1.5cm is likely to be this heavy button.
It keeps its weight with a thin nail that penetrates the center.

Even if there is no back style
A special layered is recommended from the brand by wearing it from the outer.
However, in the first place, the waist coat is considering breathability and comfort.
I often use capra fabric at the time of view (sometimes the same fabric as the outer material)
You can also feel the spirit of modern Arts and Crafts that are not captured only by the beauty of the style.
It is useless even if it depends on art. It is useless even if it depends on the craft.
Both want to be the best.

Rather than knowing only those who understand.
I want people who know to be in a world where they can convey their goodness accurately. Everything.
If you want to be correct, you will be able to make mistakes.
Sometimes you try to tell people something.
I want to introduce these brands without fear.
By the way, this blog is actually a prologue.

From tomorrow, our team will be four.

The night before the new story.

A famous scene born with cedarwood
Don't miss it. And I hope you can watch it warmly until the completion.