The story created from today

nice to meet you! Yuta!
Even so, I think most people are, so I'll start by introducing myself.
again,7From the moonCedarwoodMy name is Yuta Horie, who will work in.
Millennium Baby2000Year -old21I'm old!
I think there are many customers and older people, so feel free to feel free to Yuta, Yu Taku -kun, Yu -kun, and Yutahori.(lol)I would be happy if you could call me any one!
By the way, freelyblogI have the opportunity to write, so I'm going to talk about one of my hobbies.
Now1A year100The reason I liked the ramen to eat more than a cup isIn high school, I started with a simple reason to want to eat ramen,It was a part -time job at a ramen shop.
It was a part -time job that started with a little interest.
However, the store manager at that time16I was enthusiastic about how to make ramen, know -how, who did not know the right or left of the age.
First part -time job, high school3The place where I spent my year's youth was too dark for me.
If you don't have this part -time job experience, you won't like ramen so far, and your favorite food1I think it was just.
I'm sorry I'm talking about ramen(lol)
But I would be glad if you could do such experiences and experiences at this shop.
You may just be a little interested. But that1Take care10A shop that can be done.
What you have experienced at this shop will make your field of view expanding and will be a good opportunity for the person to go in the future.
These two are at least meCedarwoodIt is also something I experienced.
So I will be a person who can provide such value.
CedarwoodI think that customers who visit me are interested in something, such as fashion, art, and fragrance.
Take responsibility for the feeling of sprouting
I want to keep delivering cool.
And I want to be a person who is cool but comfortable and wants to come next.
It's not just a place to buy clothes, but an irreplaceable space for that person.
I want to be able to spend an important private time here.
。 。 。 。 。 。 I'm sorry I'm cheeky. 。
I'm still immature,CedarwoodI want to get on the ship and create various stories!
By the way, I will introduce only one product!
It expresses a very delicate print with a three -dimensional print.
It may look a little whitish in the photo, but I think it's a gentle and comfortable color personally with a thin beige coloring!
No, everyone who thought it was hot.
It is different. The styling I want to recommend today is not worn, it is a waist roll!
Recently, my styling is a boomed waist roll, but this shirt is also a berry compatibility.
I want to incorporate such a pattern and hot season somewhere. Let's wrap it around your waist.
It should be the best accent for summer clothes that tend to be simple.
Now, a full -fledged summer will come, but I hope you can enjoy your clothes with various ideas!
Finally, while staring at the big back of Koki, Aki -san, and La -san, I will continue to run with all my might because I intend to catch up and overtake, so I am glad if you can see you. 。
Thank you again.