happy new year.


happy new year.It's a great place to start.

(Photo by Akki)

Have you all had a wonderful New Year?

CEDARWOOD has welcomed the New Year in Kyoto.

it's the year of the ox.
Cattle have long been an indispensable animal in human life, not only as food, but also as a labor force when farming and carrying things.It is said that the figure of diligent work symbolizes [sincerity] and was chosen as the zodiac as an auspicious animal close to you.Also, the Chinese character of ox is used in the Chinese character of string, and it seems that the meaning such as "tie" and "grab" is put.
CEDARWOOD is also entering its 2nd year this year.
Don't be ashamed in the year of the OX I would like to further build a relationship of trust with everyone involved in CEDARWOOD, and further grasp and propose things that exceed expectations from everyone.So, thank you for your continued support this year.



Well, BLOG second I wonder what I will spell it hard.



I usually work at a live house when I'm not working at CEDARWOOD.(I'm doing another job outside of CEDARWOOD and the live house, but that'S after all.))

The only thing I can say two or three words more than Kōrai and Akki-san is music.Every month I have a playlist called "My Music Situation" on Apple Music, and I will introduce a few songs that I recommend from there, and I will introduce them in this BLOG.

For those of you who can't get out of the New Year's mood no matter how long it takes, there are about 360 days more than a year, so hurry up and get crispy

 Out Focus / Half time Old

normal is the most abnormal. longing is the most stranger.

if nature is the best act, living is dying.


Half time Old with many lyrics to Dokiri.

"Hey hey, did not you beat us ass with a song that enters the spirit of us who can not lose the New Year mood yo"

Ass, slapping.

Once again, please listen to this song well with your cute ears.Did you spend 365 days last year, day by day without regret?It is up to you whether to think that there are 365 days a year or only 365 days again, but I was made to think that there are only 365 days.To this song.


each of us is a drama.

there's no beautiful scenario.

A story that goes forward even though it remains distorted

Even ordinary days will not be cut

no flashy directing, no re-shooting.

That's why the shining story


what is it?The next New Year will come soon if you spend your life with a feeling that there are ten thousand years after all.huh?what have you been doing this year?I'm not sure what to do.If you notice it again, bones.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.i live like winnie the pooh!」

I think that it was 365 days.but we're not bears.Because it is not a bear that is said to be cute cute just by eating honey.i'm a human being who is not just having fun every day.In a world where these people live together, only I can make my life (drama) a better life (story).


that's a little awkward.


If there were people who thought that I would stretch my back again and welcome you again in the year 2021, I would be happy to introduce this song.whoo!


Also, this time I did not introduce the brand or propose coordination at all, thank you for reading the BLOG that I spelled like without permission to the end.



ladies and gentlemen, what are you doing on the 23rd of this month?