"Protect Archive II"

『Protect Archive II』
happy new year.

It will be the first anniversary of Cedarwood on January 25, 2021.

Fast, slow ...
Being able to welcome the year safely,
I am very happy.

Finally, SS21 started at the store.

Children of the Discordance SS21
"Protect Archive II"
The loosely slacked stitch is mistaken for hand knitting.
Mesh knit using advanced techniques.
Depending on the inner, the expression changes to multiple layers, so
How do you build this item?
It is an item that makes your imagination stirring.
Personally, is it a simple white long sleeve?
Or maybe it's interesting from the top of the tank top in summer.
You can also enjoy the sense of sheer skin.
It is also popular with women.
The material is cotton so you can wear it all year round, and it is easy to handle.
However, it is delicate as it looks, so be careful not to hit the stitching part.
Bicolor sweatpants.
It is kept cut, and the length is 8.
The silhouette is also different from the conventional sweatpants because of the flare.
A masterpiece item that dispersed the casualness of sweatshirts with design.
It is the ideal pants that I want to wear even if I are not good at sweat pants.
A luxurious rug vest of luxuriously dismantling and reconstructed ventage lags.
This is different from the previous sweatpants
It's simple as a design
An art piece that allows you to fully enjoy the taste of the ingredients.
Because it can be unexpectedly easily dropped into real closed
It is not as difficult as it looks.
Because the lag is thick, there is a sense of luxury even one piece
I think that it is easy to wear because the inner can choose thick items.
Also rug pants.
Again, the taste of the ingredients is fully utilized.
The rug stiffness is molded outline and the silhouette is very beautiful.
I think some people have noticed it.
Cedarwood's proposal was introduced earlier in the inner
We recommend the style of wearing sweatpants.
The exquisite layered layer is addictive.
A simple artery pattern on a faded cotton knit.
It looks simple, but it is knitted using 6 colors of thread.
It makes you feel more presence than it looks.
Also, I was surprised to wear it myself
If you wear such a pale pattern
It looks like you are young
This is a very calm saturation
Argyle is like a panel
Because it is beautifully combined
Adult -like, cool
It will give you an impression.
That's all for the product introduction.
It was raised from AW20
Protect Archive, which is also a season concept.

Listed by fashion brands
What is the season concept?
To mainly make things
Image sauce that became necessary
What the creator wants to tell the world.
I think that is a transmission means.
Of course, each person thinks and
The way you catch is different
The only thing that is common is
It means that you pass through the media called clothes.
For Children of the Discordance
Valuable and rare relationships that cannot be cut
Vintage item.
Fashion, culture, art, music, "archive"

Collect all of them and become your own work
The spirit of trying to convey it to posterity
I felt strongly this season.
Just in fact
It's not from AW20,
I just continued.
It is an apparent thing that I was conscious of.

With the brand subtitle
It's not an exaggeration to say
I thought.
"Protect Archive"
From the brand launch
The answer to what I continued to believe.
Children of the Discordance's walk.
To keep going to the height
There is no doubt.
I believe and don't doubt.
In addition, SS21 has been received from Children of the Discordance
The introduction on the blog will be introduced later.
As much as this year's patronage
Thank you.
STAFF: Sawaura