Nice to meet you.


Nice to meet you.
It is Aya, the conscience of CEDARWOOD.

It is called Aki from various fields.
The last name is Aya.
Everyone who imagined a cute girl for a moment.
Sumimasen as a man

Perhaps because of its appearance, it is often said to be "squid" and "kwai", but it is very warm.
Happy, hippie and boogie.

Today's blog is going to run a brush as it is.
I would be grateful if you could get along.

So what do you think of when you hear love and peace?

Oh, it's true.
As you say.


BeerThat's right.

Actually, I had been living in Germany for less than two years.

Speaking of Germany, the home of beer is known. There are more than 1000 Nayata, and categories are also divided depending on the difference in fermentation methods and manufacturing areas.
If you want to know more in this area, please ask at the store or ask Mr. Wiki.

I would like to introduce a few love and peace I met in German life.

Berliner imageSuch a thing
Image of Schltheiss
Such a thing.
SPATEN image
Such a thing

Such a thing
ZUNFT image
Such things like this.

I enjoyed a lot of love and peace every day so that I couldn't introduce it.

Here, I will introduce a personal number one beer.

What is that beer?



Super Dry image
Silver guy!

that's right.
Asahi Superdry. I will also like it in Germany.

No, no, no, no, no, everyone who put in Tsukkomi.
I understand that feeling.
But there is a reason for this.

There are some factors that make you feel delicious beer
• Over the throat

・ Rich
Can you list it?

Especially in German beer, beer has a wonderful taste and richness.
There are many varieties that have the rich and rich flavor and richness of wheat.

Nowadays, cold beer is overflowing throughout the city, but in Germany, there is a culture of drinking beer (around 8 degrees), so it is popular to make beer that focuses on taste and richness.

But but!
My personal beer evaluation criteria are overwhelming"Throat"
We focus on throat.
I want to drink a cold ball with a rugged sound.

In that regard, the exhilaration of passing through the throat by the clearing of the super -dry tongue and the calculated carbonated throat is a masterpiece.
Speaking more, a can is preferred if you only think of your throat.




Is this three kinds of onomatope to live a happy life?
I have to think so.

When opening a canPush! Put the sound on a light music
I want you to make a soundtrackIt is a daily routine to say. (who!!!!!)

Even if you live in Japan, some people may be out of beats because they are naturally seen.
but,"Natural" should be taken care ofI wonder if it's something.

In recent years, the expansion of the new colon virus has become a matter of course.

You can't meet the people you want to meet, or you can't go to the shop you want to go to.
In 2020, I often felt sad.

Family, friends, shops, customers ... etc.
In such an era, I would like to take care of what is naturally nearby with love.

Love, peace and super dry.
Thank you for your cooperation in 2021.