The most important type to tell the last


I finished reading one book.


All Midnight Lover / Mieko Kawakami


I wonder why it is so beautiful in the middle of the night.

I remember what Mitsuka -san said someday that the world would be half in the middle of the night.

Why is it so beautiful in the middle of the night? Why is it so shining in the middle of the night? Why is there only light in the middle of the night?

The large light in the daytime leaves, and the remaining half shines from the end, so the midnight light is a bite.

Yes, Mitsuka -san. Even though nothing is so beautiful, the tears come out.(From the text)


After reading, I can't help but introduce this blog with my hand closed. It was really like reading midnight. It was so beautiful that tears came out.



Children of the Discordance / Diamond Mesh Knit Pullover
(Sold out)

Sugarhill / Ombre Ribbon Long Shirt

Children of the Discordance / IRREGULAR SWEAT PANTS

Solaris & Co / Satin Basketball Shorts


The layering is romance.

Wow! Wow when I came up with a layered layer! The feeling is similar to the feeling of being completely thrown into a difficult garbage in a slightly distant trash can.

"I saw it!? I saw it!? In the trash can now !!!"

"……Huh? Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see it. "

"Ah ... yeah? Well ... I'm sorry to stop the work, I'm sorry, don't you care?" I feel like I can do anything now. I feel like I'm thrilled by myself, even though I pretend to be calm, but still the explosive tension in myself. I feel like I can do anything now, but I feel like it looks similar.

I can't stop it, and she puts her clothes again.

Sugarhill shirts, Solaris & Co's pants, and two slits are just all together. Yes, I got one point here.

Did the designer decide the color of Children of the Discordance's mesh knit turquoise and her Sugarhill shirt shirt point -color turquoise peeking into the hem from the knit window from the sleeve? It is a point that matches so that it is doubtful, and this is also a point where you can get the heart of layered lovers. Yes, get the second point.

SugarhillRibbon Long Shirt ribbon part is not tied and you drop it from the knit sleeve to accent. This wasteful feeling is a point where you can get a layer lover. Win 3 points.

And the ultimate is all different materials, despite the layering so much! ! ! ! ! The biggest point to be laidy to love, 300 points! ! !

I mean.

After all, I want to dress in my clothes every day.



So today, I would like to introduce one song that I recently deeply.

Pink Moon / Harukamirai

I won't die earlier than you

Don't die earlier than me

I woke up earlier than me

I want you to wake it up with your noise


It was a semi -double song like a futon. Is there such a kind punk? I want to be a woman who can think of someone like this song, rather than wanting to think about someone like this song.

I can't play it for some reason, so I will introduce her crush song only. (But she's a pink moon in Harukamirai, or rather, or absolutely, the men who are looking for her absolutely. Please listen)


(Postscript: I can play it ... but I couldn't play it while the edition was ... I wonder if Howl was playing with the magic on my computer ... Thank you Howl.♡)

Biscuits / yuki

Conversely, she wants to think about someone like this song, and she is the first place in the ranking of the song ranking. Biscuit. Ask her, the men who are looking for her, her mother? Because it is said, "You! When you listen to Yuki!"


Sweet biscuits on pockets

I'll give you only half

A hard diet just started

Yeah, because of the other Umura


"Let's diet ~"

It's a signal of "I like you as it is!"



Thank you for reading to the end while you are busy this time. It was good because I was able to convey the most important thing, "I want to diet", "I like you as it is."


Recently, I have been skipped by cedarwood older brothers.

Is this a power harassment?


Staff:On the way