When I can sleep, sleep! !


If cedarwood celebrates its first anniversary on 1/25! In the past year, there are some parts of the world's selfish boy (colon virus), so there are some parts that could not be fully -swung, so in the second year, depending on the mood of the world's selfish boy, it is full -swinging and full -powered dash. I'm going to run through. Thank you for CEDARWOOD in the second year.

I will run through! Run ... Run ... Run ...

Children of the Discordance /Oil Painting Print Shirt (A Horse)

Sugarhill / Selvedge Denim Double Knee Straight Denim

Satoru Sasaki / PLEATS SKIRT

Solaris & Co / Rabbit Veloor Hat-McKinley

Run like a horse

But what Children of the Discordance reported this time.STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. Inc., translated literally, "Stop and smell the rose." If you are so busy, you will pass by without noticing the beautiful aspects of your life in front of you. You should drop it. "


it's from now on! It's the second year! I stabbed my chest, who said my nose. Dangerous ~ I was about to do it for a year where I could not even notice the flowers blooming on the roadside. Ticking ... only for roses.

I think that you have to get a back to the last year of last year, but I think it's going to send you a busy day, but be careful not to see the road in front of you, but also a little attention to the roadside flowers. How about seeing it? Pakarappa Karab ... only for horses.

"But isn't he a little big?"

The button below is removed from the waist line, and he enjoys the skirt belt that the skirt belt, which should not be seen in the operation, is enjoyed according to the operation.

How do you wear a large silhouette, but how do you wear a large silhouette? Isn't that "fashion"? What

"But shirts are easy to wrinkle and it's hard."

The shirt is a shirt, but he is a high -quality polyester like silk, so it is very hard to wrinkle, and if you hang it on a hanger, it will naturally remove wrinkles, so it is easy to handle. Washing machine, come.

"Well, how cute the print is so cute, so she prints it on a shirt, so she's sweet?"

Chicchitch (while swinging your fingers left and right)

Children of the Discordance has a machine that prints prints in -house and is printed on his own clothes, so he is printed so clearly that he doubts that he is printed on a shirt a little.

"Ka ... it's not cute !!!!"

That's right. It's so cute. It was good to be transmitted. Although it is my poor writing ability, I wonder if everyone was well communicated. I hope it was transmitted.

This time I matched it with a skirt and a straight denim, but it has a slit on the side of the shirt and it spreads sideways, so it is cute even if you take advantage of it with a wide pants.

Next, I want to wear it with a mini skirt and knee high socks.

The Oil Painting Print Shirt of such a universal & cute Children of the Discoard's, I'm too worried and worried, I'm worried about sleeping tonight, and I'm sorry.

Today, even if you are anxious to sleep tonight, I will introduce a song that can sleep well and finish her blog.


Let's sleep twice / broken my toybox

I think too much

If the sun rises again today

Let's sleep until afternoon

You can think about the excuse later


"Would you like to take a break?"

This song came to my mind, similar to the Sole reported by BROKEN MY TOYBOX and the Sole reported by Children of the Discordance.

"When I can sleep, I sleep !!"

That's it. If you just feel good every day, you will get old as soon as possible? Occasionally take a deep breath and relax.

Shortly ago, he said that it was a break to come to Cedarwood, and I was very happy. I also want to get along with everyone, so if it's a break, please just report a close report (come on Saturday every Saturday). My recent break is to talk with you and watch anime.

"Huh, I wonder if there is no Gojo Satoru somewhere."


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