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This is Sawaura.

BLOG, it's a lot empty, so a little report report.

One night's dandruff.

The only thing left with two people.
It is a topic like this when the work is called work.

"Fashion is often spoken in 10 years, but what was the case in the fashion industry that occurred in 2010-2020?"

Most of the stories are not so good,
After all it is often talked about clothes.

I tried to summarize the incident that came up with a little.

Death of Alexander McQueen.

Gariano became Margiela.

The death of Carl Lagerfeld.

As a Louis Vuitton of Virgil A Blow.

A time when the death and talented designers of great designers emerged.

A time when fashion designers were added to creative directors, art directors and other stylish names.

A gnome core era with no style.
Aki summarized the fashion of 2010-220 in one word.
It was "SNS".
The rise of SNS has really changed the fashion industry.
Information has changed from the age of collecting to the era of choosing.
Even if you don't go out to the city
You can meet new fashion,
And everyone is given a chance,
You can enjoy fashion wherever you are
It has changed to the times.

A platform called SNS
If you go, everyone has the right to speak,
An era where you can talk to the president of one country.

A world that changes rapidly.
Anxiety that is attacked at the same time as exciting.
The world is in the future.
What will happen to me?
At that time, this new infection spreads.

It becomes a floating carving
A quiet city and a glittering world.


As the virtual and real border lines gradually become ambiguous.

One in fashion.
I can only say this.
that is
Real and cool things are cool on the screen.

Former Lanvan designer I love
Albert Elbus answered in an interview
"The appearance of the photo has changed the fashion scene,
To the last, clothes are worn by people.
I like the people wearing clothes.
A woman wearing my dress.
I want to make that person's charm as much as possible.
It's not on the screen. ]

Even if it looks cool on the screen.
Actually, if you wear it yourself, it will be subtle.
That's a common story.
How much time has changed.
Good things are good. Say.
Only this reality does not change.
In a society where SNS is dominating.
The essential part that is likely to lose sight.
While having such a conflict.
The result of returning to the origin and pursuing "real".
This SS21 is more than ever.
The best lineup has been gathered.

I think it's the best every season. Smile

Always, but more than that.
It's a new brand to introduce today,
You can line up a wonderful lineup in the store
What you can do.
While biting that happiness every day.


Who will come today?
I haven't seen it yet, a new encounter.
Look forward to a wonderful encounter.
, these days.


Alright. Should be a little
The introduction has become quite long.


Well, to the main subject.

Product image of ENSOU.


I think I first talked to designer Nishikawa in the fall of two years ago.
I know there is an ensou.
However, I had never seen the actual thing.
So until I visited the exhibition, it was a mysterious brand.
In me.
At that time, it was reluctant to wholesale
He said he had hardly done it.

On the street, the actual thing
I have never seen it.
At the first exhibition, we talked a little with Mr. Nishikawa.
Give me the clothes and pass through the sleeves.

Finally, my favorite clothes for myself
I ordered the second place and went home.

Actually, I wear ENSOU.
I want to line up in the store.
I felt like I was doing it,

At that time, cedarwood was still in concept,
Let's communicate slowly from Mr. Nishikawa and proceed carefully.
In response to my transaction
Nishikawa doesn't move. Look at the machine and ripen.
such as.

It was like that.

The next time I met Mr. Nishikawa
Six months after the exhibition.
Not the next season's exhibition
A coffee shop at Meguro Station.
Invite me to have tea at the time when Corona calms down.

Mr. Nishikawa himself was affected there
About the story of the movie and his career
You told me.

As the impression received from clothes,
Mr. Nishikawa is a very calm person
What is my impression of ENSOU.
The designer Nishikawa's commitment is tightly packed.

I thought it was clothes that felt affection for clothes.
You can see by passing through the sleeves.


It's a very good clothes.
Also, I guess a very good person is making it.

Also, strange.
Nishikawa's clothes go well with my store's brand.
It goes well with used clothes and vintage items that I like.

And if you think it's the only one
In fact, it naturally blends into most styles of people who come to the store.

If you think the mysterious brand has been elucidated a little
The mystery has also increased. Smile


That's strange.
This is the next time I met Mr. Nishikawa
By all means, it is one of the things I want to hear.
Product image of ENSOU.
Product image of ENSOU.
Product image of ENSOU.
Product image of ENSOU.
¥ 160,000 + TAX
With garment case
・ Wide Trousers
¥ 75,000 + TAX
With embroidery tote

Even if Nishikawa himself doesn't talk.
It always makes me realize something important.
Product image of ENSOU.
・ Silk Linen Work Jacket
¥ 52,000 + TAX
Product image of ENSOU.
・ Lawrence Dress Shirt
¥ 42,000 + TAX

I like clothes with this taste.
I like the clothes made by this person.
Is linked
Interesting things that I found with my own shop.

Even if you were born different.
Even if you meet less.

Clothes are more than the number of words they exchanged.
It tells the creator's life.
I've been thinking more in recent years.


From my point of view 10 years ago
I came to the answer that I couldn't imagine.

that is
The energy poured into fashion in the turbulent era of 2010-2020.


There is no replacement for me.
Time. He brought me a encounter with people.

Don't forget that it was such a wonderful era.


What do you think when you look back on 2020-2030?
I'm looking forward to the future.
ENSOU. The clothes made by Mr. Nishikawa
If you are worried
Please try through the sleeves once.
* This brand product is not posted online.
If you would like to do so, please contact us at the store or telephone, DM, etc.