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How are you all about Golden Week? It is

By the way, we're right! Are you fine!

The correct answer is ~~~

"" "I'm really fine" ""

It's a Golden Week, where the rain has continued, and it's a May disease period, or it's an emergency declaration, and it's a start in May, but I never miss the timing of turning the washing machine. Let's survive like! If there is something painful, if there is something unpleasant, Miki Maya, representative of the good woman, said that she should wash it with water while looking at the whirlpool of the washing machine. on TV.

I want to dry my clothes comfortably outside on a sunny day.

Let's count sunny days, not to count rainy days


Children of the Discordance / Personal Data Print Shirt D (B BEIGE)

Children of the Discordance /Personal Data Print Trousers C (B BEIGE)

Sugarhill / Silk Linen Stripe Long Shirt

Children of the Discordance / Hand Dyeing & Logo Print Hoodie

Special kill, Layard's last evil! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Everyone who is watching Cedarwood who is attending Cedarwood, you are afraid in front of the summer aid. I see. I see. Ah, I have to reduce the first place soon.

But don't forget! The rainy season is still coming! It gets cold!Channel and Ruby at the seasideStop delusions! How many years have you lived in Japan! It will get cold once every year!

It's relatively warm in the daytime, but it gets chilly when the sun begins to set.

It is time for such a difficult temperature is our layered teaching, when you are really serious. Stand up.

[Pattern 1]

Friend A "Hey! Layer is hot at this temperature ~"
You "It's just right because you take off your shirt and wrap it around your waist during the daytime."
Friend A "Don't get cold at night, it's cold, it's cold."
You, "I'm fine because I put on a shirt."


The layered state is complete, and if you take off any one, your coordination will collapse today. Instead, we are coordinating in consideration of the state of taking off. It was a stunning layered ability.


[Pattern 2]

Girl A "I came in light clothes today because I thought it was warm ~ It's cold ~ I wonder if someone lends me just a good shirt ~"
Friend B "Chikusho! I'm also light clothes! I can't lend it!"
You don't catch a cold? (While put on your shoulders)
Girl A "Ca! Cool! Please go out!"
Friend B "Key !! (While holding a handkerchief)"


She was done.

Of course, the layered layer with your hands moved is wonderful, but a deep layering feels somewhat sexy. It's not a sex appeal, but a sex appeal that you can feel.

I feel like I'm writing a strange example sentence

In this season, after the spring is over, and it's chilly until summer, I want to get a new long sleeve item to enjoy this time, which is not a summer item. I think Let's layer with a sexy appeal that can enjoy the current season together.


After all, what I wanted to say in this blog and what I wanted to convey was that I want to set up this Children of the Discordance.



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