365 minutes.


We become indebted to.

The last name is Aya.
Everyone who imagined a cute girl for a moment.
Sumimasen as a man.

About a month has passed since the environment has changed.
The GW is dawn, and there are early rainy season nationwide, but how are you spending?

I say.
Yesterday, the symptoms of May disease expanded quickly like outer space and spent almost all day on a futon.
30 steps with the number of steps.
Even a tropical forest fairy, a sloth teacher travels about 40m a day.

The futon didn't let me go.
Is this love?

By the way, when I checked the sloth on the wiki, it was written as non -social animals.
I'm sorry.

It may be such a day.
Rather, I really like the feeling that time flows slowly.

However, no matter how you spend, one year of the year is 365th day.
It is regrettable that one opportunity to be able to do fashion with their lazyness is missed. 。

Actually, in my previous job, I posted 365 different clothes and posted to SNS every day.

At that time, wear clothes according to the mood of the day.
At that time, wear clothes according to how you want to spend that day.
The time to think about it is incredibly fun, and one day changes with one dress.

When I work at home, I change clothes from my room clothes to switch my mind.
When I go to a convenience store, I put on a stylish jacket.

When you are in a good mood, you can't eat delicious rice or listen to wonderful music.
Think about clothes first.
After all it is one of the moment when you feel like you like clothes.

And small items are indispensable in considering various coordination.

The previous blogThen I focused on the eyewear alone,
Today we are introducing coordination using a hat.

Thank you for your long -term introduction, like the Mayoi Oikarage every time.


Solaris & Co / Cotton Casquette -TAKUYA CHIBA / SIZE: 59 COL: BLACK / ¥ 19,800 (TAX IN)
Children of the Discordance / OversideD No Collar Jacket / Size: 2 Col: GREY / ¥ 107,800 (Tax IN)
Children of the Discordance / oversized Embroidery Tee C / Size: 1 Col: Flower / ¥ 41,800 (TAX IN)
Children of the Discordance / Selvage Trousers / Size: 1 Col: Green / ¥ 55,000 (Tax IN)
TRICKER'S / HENRY / SIZE: UK6 COL: Black / ¥ 88,000 (TAX IN)


Solaris & Co / Cotton Casquette -TAKUYA CHIBA / SIZE: 59 COL: Khaki / ¥ 19,800 (TAX IN)
Sugarhill / Silk Linen Stripe Long Shirt / Size: 2 COL: Off White / ¥ 84,700 (Tax IN)
Nobuyuki Matsui / Modern Breeches / Size: 3 Col: Moss / ¥ 68,600 (TAX IN)
Nobuyuki Matsui / Button Boots (EXCLUSIVE) / Size: 25.5 COL: Black / ¥ 154,000 (TAX IN)


Solaris & Co / Hunting Cap -KIYOHIKO SHIBUKAWA / SIZE: 59 COL: Moss Green / ¥ 19,800 (TAX IN)
Children of The Discordance / Re: Type-70506 Embroiedery Denim Jacket C / Size: 2 COL: Black / ¥ 71,500 (TAX IN)
Children of the Discordance / Cotd Logo TEE LS / SIZE: 2 COL: WHITE / ¥ 14,300 (TAX IN)
TRICKER'S / Monkey Boots (Exclusive) / Size: UK6 COL: Black / ¥ 88,000 (TAX IN)

Mainly used classic casquets and hunting.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with customers about the "rules of coordination" at the store.

There were a lot of things I thought, so this time it is not a coordination that goes into a classic casual style.
I dared to get rid of the texture and the sense of era, and set up coordination with the feeling of "I want to wear it now".

Of course, fashion that focuses on the country of origin, the background of the times, and the style that has been built is also good.
But sometimes the rules are the difficult things on the shelf once, and let's wear them in a fully open -minded way.

If you enjoy fashion more, I personally think that it is more free and good.

My style is born as I think a lot, try a lot and fail a lot.
It is not bad for one day of 365th, trying to challenge "things that are not in the rules" and find new value.

"Barri To Du"
As you all know, the style of Murdock in Tekken and Zulu on the blade.

"There is anything"
Let's go.